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E3 2002: Day 1 News

E3 2002 Day 1: NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 Info and Features List
Steve @ 9:51 PM EDT
Need for Speed™ (NFS) is back and better than ever in Need For Speed™ Hot Pursuit 2! Engage in the next generation thrill of arcade racing with the spiritual successor to the highly acclaimed, award winning Need for Speed™ III Hot Pursuit.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 stays true to the heritage of housing a stable of over 20 exclusive and exotic cars from the world's most coveted licensors including Ferrari™, Porsche® and Lamborghini™… to name a few.

Drafting on its award-winning legacy, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 will deliver an exciting, intense arcade driving experience. The game includes a variety of open road environments that truly come to life, consisting of river crossings, waterfalls, beaches, volcanoes and brush fires.

Over 20 courses, some of which are more than 15 miles long, provide the widest variety of driving challenges. Animated drivers and cops give life to the drivers within the game, bringing added emotion to the world of these exotic super cars.

Become the king of the road by conquering numerous racing events, all carrying rewards such as cars, tracks and high performance model upgrades. The game challenges the driver to dodge traffic, police and natural elements in high speed and high style… true NFS style!

"Be The Cop" mode lets players actually get behind the wheel of a police car and attempt to bust those pesky law-breakers. For added multiplayer enjoyment, square off against a friend to see if justice can be served.

Key Features

  • Over 20 of the most coveted licensed exotics including the Lamborghini Murcielago and Ferrari 360 Spider.
  • Maneuvering exotic super cars through traffic and police at upwards of 200 mph puts you on the edge of your seat.
  • Open world environments and shortcuts allow for intense off-road excitement.
  • A variety of modes including Challenge, Hot Pursuit, Championship, Top Cop and Be The Cop mode.
    vRealistic, detailed environments bring to life elements from the real world - rain, brush fires, sun beams, dust storms and more.
  • There are over 60 events in the PlayStation® 2 computer entertainment system and over 90 events in the PC, Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft and Nintendo GameCube™ computer entertainment systems.
  • Hot licensed music keeps the adrenaline pumping.
  • Two-player split screen multiplayer support.

    E3 2002 Day 1: More Intense Gamplay in NHL Hitz 20-03
    Steve @ 9:38 PM EDT
    LOS ANGELES - May 22, 2002 (E3 Booth 800, South Hall) - Midway Sports™, the sports brand of leading software industry publisher and developer Midway Games Inc., announced today that NHL Hitz™ 20-03, the next iteration in the NHL Hitz franchise, is in development and scheduled to ship in summer 2002 for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft and Nintendo GameCube™, with the Game Boy Advance to follow in fall.

    Officially licensed by the NHL and the NHLPA, NHL Hitz 20-03 unleashes a total hockey experience with even more visually stunning graphics, lightning-fast, extreme-style hockey gameplay and realistic NHL attributes, plus Hitz signature hard-checking, adrenaline-style sports action.

    As the only dedicated adrenaline-style hockey videogame franchise for next-generation platforms, NHL Hitz 20-03 showcases over-the-top 3-on-3 (plus goalies) gameplay with players who leap, glide, check, pass and score on would-be defenders. This newest version of Hitz runs up the score on the hockey videogame category with new features such as the all-new franchise mode (for PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube), which enhances the single gamer experience by giving users the power to create a team from infancy, grow that team through international competition, earn a franchise, and eventually compete for the Stanley Cup .

    "NHL Hitz 20-03 offers more of what has made the Hitz franchise so popular among gamers, hockey fans and pro players," said Helene Sheeler, vice president of marketing, Midway. "We have kept in all the features that gamers loved about Hitz, but evolved the game to include bigger and better animations, much improved artificial intelligence and numerous all-new gameplay modes."

    Going for the gold, Midway signed an exclusive deal with Canada's 2002 Olympic Gold Medalist, Chris Pronger. Known for his powerful skating and intimidating defense, the St. Louis Blues defenseman and former league MVP (1999-2000 season) will appear on the package cover and in the NHL Hitz 20-03 advertising materials.
    Additionally, NHL Hitz 20-03 includes a cranking new soundtrack. Available for play on the game's jukebox (for PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube), players have the option to listen to popular, glass-shattering tunes while battling it out in the rink.

    All-new game modes add challenge and depth to the gameplay experience. For those new to the ice, NHL Hitz 20-03's Hockey School offers a tutorial, while veteran fans will appreciate even more mini-games and an in-depth New Season mode that enables detailed statistics tracking, player trades using trade logic, a playoff tree, and official NHL awards.

    NHL Hitz 20-03 also suits up with bigger, stronger and faster players. Improved goalie logic, behavior, animations and control make it tougher to score while a visual aggression meter tips off gamers as to which players are more likely to drop the gloves.

    To add to the element of realism, NHL teams take on the same playing style as their real-life counterparts, and two-man motion capture animations provide gamers a more realistic view of the action. Hitz also delivers enhancements to its signature, over-the-top play with secret arenas presented in a unique fantasy setting as well as hidden teams and special players to unlock along the way (for PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube).

    NHL Hitz 20-03 PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube Key Features

  • Officially licensed by the NHL and the NHLPA and featuring real NHL teams and athletes
  • New Franchise Mode - Pick teams and equipment to compete for the number one ranking in the world
  • New Hockey School Mode - A tutorial to familiarize players with controls and gameplay mechanics
  • New Enhanced Season Mode - In-depth statistic tracking, player trades, full NHL calendar and playoff tree
  • More Mini-Games - Includes six games with skill competitions for one or two players
  • New Fully 3D-Modeled Crowd - Now more than 10 times larger
  • Improved Goalie Logic, Behavior, Animations and Control
  • Bigger and Better Animations - More outrageous checking, fighting, shooting, and passing with more aggressive hits that can break the glass
  • New Team Play Styles - NHL teams take on the playing style as their real-life counterparts
  • New Motion Capture Animations - Two-man motion capture animations for more realistic checking
  • Enhanced Arenas - Choose from 30 rinks that are bigger with benches, coaches and scoreboards
  • New Fantasy Stadiums, Hidden Teams and Players - Secret arenas presented in a unique fantasy setting as well as hidden teams and special players to unlock along the way
  • Create-a-Player - Design the ultimate ice warrior
  • New Color Commentary - A second sportscaster joins the game to describe all of the outrageous action
  • New Referee - Officials tough enough to handle face-offs, fights and escorting players off the ice
  • Multi-Player Hockey - One to six players (PlayStation 2); one to four players (Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and GameBoy Advance)

    E3 2002 Day 1: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Announced
    Steve @ 9:35 PM EDT
    E3, LOS ANGELES — May 22, 2002 — Capcom® Entertainment today announced plans to bring its number one arcade hit, MarvelTM vs. Capcom 2™ to the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the XboxTM video game system from Microsoft this fall. Delivering absolute arcade perfection in classic Capcom style, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 pits Capcom’s legendary characters and Marvel’s world famous super heroes against each other for dream matches of epic proportions. The game features a record number of playable characters: more than 50! The game also delivers new innovations with real three-on-three tag team matches and numerous modes of play. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating is pending.

    “I’m glad to see this classic fighting game will soon be available for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox owners,” said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment. “Marvel vs. Capcom 2 offers players more than 50 playable characters, more than any other video game, and a wide variety of game modes. Where else can players pit an adorable Servebot against the maniacal powers of Doctor Doom or Jill, from Resident Evil against all time favorites like Spider-Man.”

    Marvel vs. Capcom 2 offers the following enhancements and the return of popular modes of play including:

  • Real 3-on-3 tag team battle!
  • More than 50 playable characters
  • Team Hyper Combo – Allows three characters to perform Super Combos successively.
  • Snap Back – Forces opponents to change characters
  • Assist Type Select – Players choose their favorite assist attack
  • Crossover Attack – Players can change characters in the thick of battle
  • Crossover Assist – Waiting character rushes on screen to assist your playing character
  • Crossover Counter – Waiting character performs lifesaving counterattacks
  • Crossover Combination – Three characters perform a Super Combo simultaneously
  • Advancing Guard – Allows players to push back their opponent

    E3 2002 Day 1: ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 Announced
    Steve @ 9:19 PM EDT
    LOS ANGELES May 22, 2002: Revving up its engines to deliver the smash sequel to its 600,000 unit-selling franchise, AKA Acclaim, a division of Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., today announced it will release ATV: Quad Power Racing(TM) 2(TM) across all next-generation systems this coming winter. Currently under development with Climax Studios, ATV Quad Power Racing 2 will feature an entirely new game engine that will deliver rich graphics and incredible four-wheel arcade action.

    "ATV: Quad Power Racing has been one of our most consistent performing brands, having struck a definitive chord with mass-market gamers," said Evan Stein, Vice President of Brand. "We're excited to leverage our technological resources to bring this brand to the next-generation systems, and deliver an entirely new gameplay experience that will further entertain and captivate the masses."

    The sequel to the hit PlayStation(R) game console title, ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 will include many exciting new features:

  • Choose from 10 of the top professional riders from all over the world, including Dana Creech, Kory Ellis and Tim Farr;
  • Race through 17 massive tracks and five environments, located in challenging countries throughout the world;
  • Get dirty and physically battle with opponents to the finish line, letting them know that you're king off-road;
  • Over-the-top controls and game physics, allowing players to pull huge air and amazingly fun power slides;
  • More than 20 freestyle tricks to let riders express their wild side while tearing up the competition;
  • Several multi-player modes of play, brings the action to players and their friends;
  • Real-life in-game sponsors, adding to the realism of the game.

    ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 will be available this winter across all next-generation systems at suggested retail prices to be determined. For more information on this title, please visit Acclaim's complete showcase of products will be featured at E3 in Los Angeles, CA at booth #1046 in the South Hall.

    E3 2002 Day 1: Max Payne 2 Begins Development
    Steve @ 9:02 PM EDT
    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 22, 2002--Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. announced today that Rockstar Games, in conjunction with Remedy Entertainment, has begun development of Max Payne 2, a sequel to the blockbuster hit Max Payne.

    Max Payne 2 is expected to ship in calendar 2003.

    Originally developed for the PC by Remedy Entertainment and produced by 3D Realms, Max Payne debuted as an award winning and top selling PC game in July 2001. PlayStation(R)2 and Xbox(TM) versions of the game were shipped in December 2001, and both achieved immediate critical and commercial success. Global shipments of the Max Payne franchise have exceeded 2.75 million units to date.

    Take-Two also announced that it has acquired ownership of the Max Payne brand and all intellectual property rights associated with the brand, including trademarks, copyrights, characters, perpetual license to utilize proprietary technologies, including the Max Payne game engine and associated "Bullet Time(TM)" technology, and rights to license fees from ancillary Max Payne brand extensions such as cinema, television and literary productions.

    Take-Two purchased the Max Payne property from Remedy Entertainment and Apogee Software in exchange for $10 million in cash and 969,932 shares of restricted common stock, in addition to certain future development incentives.

    Kelly Sumner, Chief Executive Officer said, "A critical component of Take-Two's corporate strategy is to control the intellectual property rights to our key brands and as a result, build the most value for our company. Max Payne has been one of our most successful product franchises to date. The ownership of this top-selling brand allows us to broadly capitalize on the continued strength of the product on multiple platforms, and extend the brand with exciting sequels as well as providing opportunities for extending the brand to other forms of entertainment."

    Scott Miller, Chief Executive Officer of 3D Realms commented, "This is a precedent-setting deal for Take-Two, Remedy and 3D Realms -the first time in our industry a highly successful IP alone has changed ownership hands. This deal validates our strategy for developing strong character-based games. Take-Two benefits tremendously by having full control of the Max Payne brand going forward and being able to properly leverage it to its full potential."

    E3 2002 Day 1: NBA JAM 2004 Announced!
    Steve @ 2:37 PM EDT
    Taking high-flying NBA action to an exciting new level, Acclaim Sports, a division of Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. today announced that its world-renowned Austin Studio has begun development on NBA JAM 2004(TM) for all of the next-generation gaming platforms. Expected to launch in the fall of 2003, NBA JAM 2004 will feature 3-on-3, "dunkalicious" arcade basketball action, complete with all 29 official NBA teams, more than 150 superstars, authentic courts and the outrageous dunks and hidden codes that are synonymous with the NBA JAM brand.

    "We're thrilled to expand upon our proven NBA JAM franchise, which has sold more than 6 million units worldwide, and believe that this genre represents an incredible leadership opportunity for our organization," said Sarah Anderson, Senior Vice President of Brand for Acclaim. "Basketball continues to be a perennial favorite among gamers, and we will leverage the development capabilities of our studio to deliver another benchmark sports title that elevates the category."

    E3 2002 Day 1: Crave Shows off The Lost
    Steve @ 2:35 PM EDT
    LOS ANGELES, CA - May 22, 2002 - Crave Entertainment, a leading publisher of videogame entertainment products, will have gamers' hearts pounding and minds racing when they play The Lost, a game that breaks new ground for the psychological horror genre, at E3 (Booth #946 in the South Hall). The Lost is being developed by Irrational Games for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox video game system.

    "The Lost takes the survival-horror genre to all new levels in terms of a sophisticated storyline and intense game play," said Craig Owens, Senior Group Marketing Manager at Crave Entertainment. "The game provides the chills of a classic survival horror game, but also incorporates a multi-character RPG skill system that goes deeper than any other before it."

    According to Ken Levine, General Manager of Irrational Games, "the survival horror fan and the RPG player have much to look forward to in The Lost, where they can control four different characters, each with vastly different skill sets and at any time grow those characters and personalize game play."

    The Lost is the story of Amanda Wright, a woman whose daughter dies in a mysterious accident. Distraught with grief, Amanda makes a deal with the devil to go to Hell to retrieve her daughter. Players can choose to adopt the role of Amanda or one of three characters that she enlists on her journey to explore frightening, modern day adaptations of Dante's nine circles of Hell, each representing a specific sin such as violence, ignorance, and betrayal.

    The deep, compelling storyline and complex character development challenges players to consider every move, response and the best use of available resources. With as many as 50 weapons, 24 for skill sets, and four player characters to choose from, players will be able to customize their game play with strategy, the likes of which has never been seen in the survival-horror genre.

    Chilling sound effects, demented environments and tortured demons all contribute to a terrifying adventure that gamers will be scared to pursue, but unable to stop playing. The anticipated release date of The Lost for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox is fourth quarter 2002.

    E3 2002 Day 1: Acclaim Announces Burnout 2
    Steve @ 2:14 PM EDT
    Returning to the streets in what promises to be the most adrenaline-filled arcade driving game of the forthcoming holiday season, Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. today announced that it will release Burnout(TM) 2: Point of Impact this fall across all next-generation gaming platforms.

    Created by Criterion Games Limited, Burnout 2: Point of Impact is the eagerly anticipated sequel to the award-winning racing game that was praised by consumers and the media for its realistic and dangerous handling and most importantly, its outrageous crashes.

    "Burnout 2: Point of Impact builds upon the global success of its predecessor and delivers an entirely new gameplay experience that will raise the standard in the genre," said Tom Bass, Senior Brand Manager. "The cars are faster, the tracks more expansive and the potential for danger has never been higher; this will be the racing game of the 2002 holiday season."

    Several American films inspired Burnout 2: Point of Impact, including "The Fast And The Furious," "Bad Boys" and "Speed." In addition, Burnout 2: Point of Impact will offer a broad array of features such as:

  • Six exciting new United States-inspired locations, including

    Los Angeles, The Rocky Mountains, New Mexico and a busy

    international airport;

  • Thirty-two new stages to drive;
  • Fourteen all-new vehicles to race;
  • Seven secret vehicles to unlock including police cars, 1950's
    hotrods and stock cars;
  • Realistic weather effects, such as snow, rain and fog;
  • Point-to-point races;
  • All-new points-based championship gameplay structure;
  • Offensive Driving 101, where you can "Learn to Burn" from the

    Burnout Driving School;

  • All-new Pursuit races, allowing players to race a police car
    and ram opponents off the road;
  • Vehicles can get air and earn boosts by jumping;
  • Incredible all-new car crash and vehicle deformation system -
    tear up the traffic;
  • New Custom Series Mode - race modified vehicles complete with
    body kits and decals;
  • Awesome in-game soundtrack to help keep players rocking and
  • Intelligent traffic system, featuring three distinct types of
    driver behaviors;

    E3 2002 Day 1: Activision's E3 Lineup
    Steve @ 2:03 PM EDT
    Santa Monica, CA – May 22, 2002 -- Activision, Inc. debuts its strongest and most compelling game slate to date at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on May 22 – 24, 2002. From new action sports titles such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater™ 4, Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX™ 2, Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer, and Shaun Murray’s Pro Wakeboarder, to legendary game franchises like id Software’s DOOM III™, to entertainment inspired games including Minority Report, Stuart Little 2, XXX, the X-Men, Blade and Star Trek, Activision’s slate demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering the best interactive entertainment experiences to audiences worldwide.

    “Consistent with our strategy, Activision continues to bring great brands to all of the gaming platforms,” stated Kathy Vrabeck, executive vice president global publishing and brand management for Activision. “Our E3 lineup reflects our balanced product portfolio that include action sports, super heroes, driving, mass market and enthusiast targeted games. While the majority of our E3 slate is based on globally recognized brands with broad consumer appeal, we will also be introducing sequels based on popular gaming franchises and original new games such as Tenchu 3: Wrath of HeavenÔ, Medieval: Total WarÔ and True Crime™: Streets of L.AÔ.”

    Activision’s E3 games span a broad spectrum of genres including action, adventure, action-sports, fighting and racing across multiple platforms. The company’s XBOXlineup includes:

    Action Sports:
    As the market leader with a 63% share in the fast-growing action sports genre, Activision has established Activision O2 as the brand of choice among both hardcore gamers and sports gaming enthusiasts. Activision O2 personifies the gravity defying philosophy of the action sports athletes and encompasses industry-leading franchises like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, as well as all new games, which will debut at this year’s E3.

    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater™ 4 continues to build on the success of the renowned franchise by reinventing the skateboarding genre with an all-new career mode, levels and goals. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 for the console platforms are being developed for Activision by Neversoft Entertainment, and the hand-held game is being developed by Vicarious Visions. The games are currently rated “RP” (Rating Pending) by the ESRB. (PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft, Nintendo GameCube™, Game Boy® Advance)

    Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX™ 2 continues the tradition of the popular BMX game by delivering an over-the-top gaming experience that lets players perform hundreds of tricks and combos using a new trick tweaking system as they embark on three modes of play - the immersive Road Trip, Single Session and Free Ride and multiple two player modes. Amazing new flatland tricks add to the authenticity and fun factor of the game. Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2 for the console platforms are being developed for Activision by Rainbow Studios and Gratuitous Games, and the hand-held game is being developed by HotGen Studios. The console games are rated “T” (Teen) with blood, mild lyrics and violence and the hand-held version is rated “E” by the ESRB. (PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft and Game Boy Advance)

    Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer lets players ride like six-time world champion Kelly Slater or as one of eight of the most accomplished pro surfers of all time as they search for the perfect wave. Featuring ultra realistic wave and ocean conditions, real-world breaks, detailed graphics and intuitive controls, the game delivers the adrenaline action of surfing and the rush surfers feel when dropping in on a wave. Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer for the console platforms are being developed for Activision by Treyarch, and the hand-held game is being developed by HotGen Studios. The games are currently rated “RP” (Rating Pending) by the ESRB. (PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance)

    Shaun Murray’s Pro WakeboarderÔ will introduce this popular water sport to video games. Featuring two-time world champion wakeboarder, Shaun Murray and seven other pros, the game challenges players to catch big air off the wake as they perform acrobatic feats such as Front Flips, Whirlybirds, and Tantrums. Players travel through 11 exotic locations performing signature moves and tricks in both cooperative and tournament mode. Shaun Murray’s Pro Wakeboarder for the console platforms is being developed for Activision by Shaba Games, LLC, and the hand-held game is being developed by Small Rockets. The games are currently rated “RP” (Rating Pending) by the ESRB. (PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance)

    Super Heroes:
    Marvel Comics’ Super Heroes -- Spider-Man, the X-Men and Blade -- are among the most widely recognized brands in entertainment. With a 59% market share, Activision is the leader in the super heroes category and is poised to further cement its market position with three new super heroes games that will be unveiled at E3.

    X-Men: Next Dimension is the only fighting game for the next-generation consoles that recreates the epic super heroes battles from comic books and films. Players expand their combat beyond the traditional arena and battle across expansive 3D levels using advanced fighting combos, aerial combat and dynamic interactive environments to wreak havoc on foes. X-Men: Next Dimension is being developed for Activision by Paradox Development (PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox video game system from Microsoft) and Exakt Entertainment (Nintendo GameCube) and has been rated “T” (Teen) with violence and suggestive themes by the ESRB.

    X-Men®: Wolverine’s Revenge™ is the only action-adventure game that lets players take on the persona of Wolverine as they explore the mysterious past and deadly future of the most popular X-Men character. Unleashing Wolverine's awesome mutant powers and enlisting the aid of Charles Xavier, players must face off against arch enemies as they discover the truth about the Shiva-Virus and the secret behind the ruthless Dept. H organization that made Wolverine into the deadly killing machine that he is today. X-Men: Wolverine’s Revenge is being developed for Activision by Warthog PLC and Gene Pool and is currently rated “RP” (Rating Pending) by the ESRB. (PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance)

    Blade II is the only game that lets players take on the role of the baddest of the vampire slayers. Players must make maximum use of Blade’s special abilities, weapons and martial arts moves to stop the vampire nation’s quest to create an all-new form of super-vampires known as Reapers. The game’s revolutionary multi-directional fighting system will allow players to take on blood sucking enemies as they attack from all directions. Blade II is being developed for Activision by Mucky Foot and has been rated “M” (Mature) with violence, blood and gore, strong language by the ESRB. (PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox video game system from Microsoft)

    Earlier this year, Activision established its presence in the driving genre with WRECKLESS: The Yakuza MissionsÔ, a top selling title for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft. Activision is continuing to broaden its reach in the genre with three new driving titles that focus on mission-based driving and off-road racing.

    True Crime™: Streets of L.A. blends high-speed mission-based driving action, full impact martial arts fighting, and daring shootouts in a world that puts players in the role of a rogue cop in L.A. who must take down the mafia. The game’s unique branching storyline offers more than 100 missions that are affected by the player’s success or failure. More than 400 square miles of Los Angeles have been realistically recreated, and the game is the first to seamlessly blend car chases, shootouts, on-foot pursuits and Hong Kong cinema-esque martial arts into one immersive adventure. True Crime: Streets of L.A. is being developed for Activision by Luxoflux and has not yet been rated by the ESRB. (PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft and the Nintendo GameCube)

    Rally Fusion: Race of Champions is a visually explosive, all action racing game set across 20 interactive environments. Players must compete in a series of races against the top drivers in 20 of the hottest licensed cars with the ultimate goal of becoming the “champion of champions.” Vehicles in the game experience ultra-realistic real-time damage as they collide with other cars and obstacles. Players test their driving skills through a variety of gameplay modes and team up with a co-driver who coaches them to the finish. Rally Fusion: Race of Champions is being developed by Climax and has not yet been rated by the ESRB. (PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft and Nintendo GameCube)

    Mass Market:
    Activision is the #2 independent U.S. game publisher and one of two U.S. publishers with worldwide revenues in excess of $500 million. The company recently posted revenues of $786 million for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2002. As a result of its market position, Activision has been able to bring some of the most recognized entertainment brands to audiences of all ages. At this year’s E3, the company will showcase six games with broad-reaching, mass-market appeal.

    Based on Steven Spielberg's highly anticipated sci-fi thriller, Minority Report™ lets players relive the movie experience in a whole new adventure. Players assume the role of the movie's hero, pre-crime officer John Anderton, the head of an elite police squad that predicts and apprehends murderers before the crimes can be committed. When Anderton is accused of a pre-crime murder, he's forced to elude the law to prove his innocence, while attempting to uncover an insidious conspiracy. Along with an explosive arsenal of weapons and gadgets straight out of the movie, Minority Report combines third-person cinematic action-adventure gaming and intense hand-to-hand combat with a unique real-time physics model that affects gameplay on every level. Minority Report for the console platforms is being developed for Activision by Treyarch and the hand-held game is being developed by Torus Games. The game has not yet been rated by the ESRB. (PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance)

    Enthusiast Games:
    A 20-year reputation for quality and value has established Activision as a brand of choice among gaming audiences. The company’s research has shown that it ranks as one of the most recognized names among interactive entertainment companies. Activision’s product portfolio is balanced between licensed content and original game properties. Licensed products provide the company with a predictable revenue stream, while original game properties offer additional financial upside.

    Street Hoops is a gritty, “in your face” street-style basketball game that encompasses the look, speed, energy and attitude of park/playground blacktop competition. The game allows players to compete in a nationwide tournament representing their hometown on the most notorious street courts in the nation. Players will be able to choose from a roster of athletes and performers, including key athletes made famous by the And 1 Mix Tapes™ and Nike’s “Freestyle” commercial series. Street Hoops is being developed for Activision by Black Ops Entertainment and has not yet been rated by the ESRB. (PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox video game system from Microsoft)

    E3 2002 Day 1: Black Hawk Down Announced
    Steve @ 1:51 PM EDT
    CALABASAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 22, 2002--Entertainment software developer and publisher NovaLogic, Inc. today confirmed plans to develop and publish the next generation of the multi-million selling "Delta Force(R)" franchise for the PC, the Xbox(TM) video game system from Microsoft and PlayStation(R) 2 computer entertainment system.

    Set in Somalia in 1993, "Delta Force -- Black Hawk Down" is based upon and around the Operation Restore Hope and Task Force Ranger campaigns and follows members of the elite Delta Force and US Army Rangers as they participate in a number of daring raids against the oppressive Somali warlords in and around Mogadishu.

    Developed using an enhanced version of NovaLogic's cutting-edge graphics engine, "Delta Force -- Black Hawk Down" combines stunning visuals and a gripping, hard-hitting storyline with the gritty and realistic combat elements that have made Delta Force one of the world's most popular Tactical-First-Person-Combat franchises.

    "In Operation Restore Hope the men of Task Force Ranger fought a fierce battle in what is now recognized as the war on terrorism," said Lee Milligan, President of NovaLogic. "In `Delta Force -- Black Hawk Down,' gamers will step into the shoes of US Special Operations Forces tackling some of their most dangerous missions," he added. "We dedicate this game to the men who were there, to Delta Force, Rangers, Navy SEALs and the 160th SOAR."

    "Delta Force -- Black Hawk Down" is scheduled to ship on PC CD ROM in Q4 of 2002, with Xbox(TM) and PlayStation(R) 2 versions to follow in 2003.

    E3 2002 Day 1: Logitech Announces Cordless Controller
    Steve @ 1:50 PM EDT
    Los Angeles, CA (E3 - Booth 1400, South Hall) - May 22, 2002 - At the Electronic Entertainment Expo today, Logitech announced a cordless controller compatible with the Xbox™ video game console from Microsoft. Scheduled for release later this year, the Logitech® Cordless Controller will allow gamers cord-free control with all of the functionality of a standard Xbox controller.

    "We believe the best way to take advantage of the superior graphics and processing speed of the Xbox is with first-class peripherals," said Ted Hoff, vice president and general manager of Logitech's Interactive Entertainment Division. "Our 2.4GHz cordless radio frequency technology has allowed us to create an excellent controller - combining precise control and freedom of movement with lag-free performance from virtually anywhere in a room."

    Logitech® Cordless Controller For Xbox
    The Logitech Cordless Controller for Xbox utilizes special 2.4 GHz cordless radio frequency technology developed by Logitech to offer Xbox gamers complete freedom of movement. It features the Xbox standard button layout, and its unique design gives gamers a comfortable grip that can accommodate almost any hand size. The controller offers dual vibration feedback for enhanced gaming realism and a 50+ hour battery life that is achieved with four AA batteries. By using the Cordless Controller for Xbox, gamers will no longer be restricted with the cord found in most gaming controllers, and can roam freely around the room while experiencing lag-free gameplay from more than 20 feet away. The receiver includes bays for both a memory card and a headset.

    The Cordless Controller for Xbox will be available from retailers and at for $69.95 (US).

    E3 2002 Day 1: Metro3D Announces Shayde; Xbox Exclusive
    Steve @ 1:44 PM EDT
    SAN JOSE, California (May 22, 2002) - Metro3D, Inc., the multi-platform video game developer and publisher debuted for the first time today the highly anticipated Shayde: Monsters vs. Humans , available exclusively for the Microsoft® Xbox.

    This fast-paced first-person shooter is developed by Metro3D's own in-house development team, Metropolis Pacific Inc., and represents one of Metro3D's first titles to support the Microsoft Xbox broadband online gaming network. Shayde: Monsters vs. Humans features an ESRB Rating for "Mature" Audiences, and is anticipated for release October 2002, simultaneous with Microsoft's online gaming launch.

    "Shayde: Monsters vs. Humans takes advantage of all the best gaming features, graphics, and built-in broadband capabilities that makes the Xbox machine such a powerful platform to support," said Joseph Morici, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Metro3D. "In addition, Shayde: Monsters vs. Humans will provide thousands of gamers the opportunity to experience and enjoy simultaneous online game play through the system's online network, creating one game Xbox fans worldwide will be clamoring to get their hands on later this year."

    Shayde: Monsters vs. Humans takes place in an underground world of supernatural gothic horror where players choose to fight for good - as humans, or on the side of evil - as monsters who seek to destroy and feast on the flesh of humans. Players select from six different characters, each with their own storyline. These characters include: Humans - Soldiers, Hunters and Scientists or Monsters - Fiends, Zombies and Vampires. In this secret war between humanity and monsters, Shayde: Monsters vs. Humans focuses on a new type of multi-player team play, where up to eight players can play via LAN or Internet.

    Players plot their strategy based on each character's strengths and weaknesses, as well as weapons and tools exclusive to each character. Up to 36 single-player missions guarantee hours of competitive mayhem, as players command AI comrades to attack and defend each other. Victory is based on a ranking and point system, which rewards teamwork and strategic thinking, providing another unique team-play dynamic.

    Shayde: Monsters vs. Humans also utilizes the Xbox Voice Commander, a built-in game chat feature allowing players to interact and communicate in real-time. The game capitalizes on the unique technology of the Microsoft Xbox, capturing great Xbox-specific textures and effects, including detailed 8,000 polygon characters, realistic real-time shadows and lighting, and smooth animation.

    E3 2002 Day 1: Metro3D Announces Stake Exclusively for Xbox
    Steve @ 1:36 PM EDT
    SAN JOSE, California (May 22, 2002) - Metro3D, Inc., today announced a new Xbox title to its 2002 line-up, Stake™, made exclusively for the Microsoft® Xbox™. A first glimpse of Stake, the heavy hitting combat game is now on display at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. Developed in partnership with Gameness Art Software of Taiwan, Stake is scheduled for release in Q4 2002.

    "Stake is an exciting addition to Metro3D's Xbox line-up for 2002 and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, and a must-have title to get this holiday season," said Joseph Morici, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Metro3D. "With the upcoming launch of Microsoft's built-in broadband online network, we look forward to allowing Stake players to take full advantage of the Xbox machine's online game play capabilities, which will allow up to eight players to challenge and compete against one another simultaneously."

    Stake is the ultimate third-person combat event where the wildest, most engaging, and dangerous competition reap a ton of cash every two years. It's Stake time again and everyone is ready for this year's match-up for which Stake competitor will receive riches and fame and command the respect of all who dare defeat them. Three modes of play including Death Match, Team Death Match and Castle Mode, where players fight to be first to light sacred flames on their opponent's castle are available to heat up each powerful challenge.

    Utilizing Microsoft Xbox's built-in broadband online feature, Stake allows up to eight players to compete simultaneously in four-player split-screen combat or eight-players online. All eight characters are powered with different attacks, defenses, speed and special "anger" power levels, exclusive to each character. Players can also attack with interactive items including grenades, ice, gasses, hot oil, flaming statues, rocks, and more. Exclusive downloadable content such as new maps, additional characters and a level editor are also available through the game's special online feature. Great Xbox-specific textures and effects, including 4,000 polygon characters, realistic real-time lighting and shadows, and smooth animation are also enhancements of the game.

    The developer of Stake, Gameness Art Software, Inc. was established in August 2000 in Taipei, Taiwan. Gameness Art Software develops real-time 3-dimensional video games for the Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube and Personal Computer. The Company is made up of game designers and engineers with years of experience in the video game industry. Gameness Art Software has built its reputation and products leveraging the Veda , Gameness Art Software's proprietary game development engine. Veda allows fast and efficient work integration, giving programmers a way to easily and quickly add or modify details of the game, and smoothly translate code to multiple platforms.

    E3 2002 Day 1: Metro3D and Zetha GameZ Announce DroneZ
    Steve @ 1:33 PM EDT
    SAN JOSE, California (May 22, 2002) - Metro3D, Inc. announced today that it has signed a worldwide distribution deal with Zetha GameZ, the Paris-based game developer to introduce DroneZ (pronounced "Drones") made exclusively for Microsoft Xbox . This 3rd-person shooter is based on the popular franchise for the personal computer, which earned high acclaim among hard core gaming enthusiasts worldwide. DroneZ for Xbox is anticipated for release
    Q1 2003.

    "DroneZ is a fantastic video game property whose reputation for being a smart game with sophisticated graphics and game play is certain to make it one of the most anticipated and hot new titles to be introduced early next year," said Joseph Morici, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Metro3D. "We are thrilled to carry over DroneZ' popularity to the Xbox, where a whole new audience of die-hard gamers will fall in love with this compelling action-packed strategy shooter."

    In DroneZ, players lead characters, Sidd or Eva on a mission to free mankind from the deadly
    V-Space Network, the computer enemy that controls the future. The V-Space Network is dominated by DroneZ -- cyber-insects who forbid people to disconnect. With the help of a "real world" hacker, players must fight to stay alive as they travel from various network memory locations and avoid the DroneZ deadly lasers. A free-aiming weapon scanner, tons of bonus powers, shield generators and secondary weapons equip players for pinpoint attacks. Defeat the DroneZ protections with rapid-fire weapons and players steal victory.

    Developed by Zetha GameZ, DroneZ utilizes its proprietary 3-dimensional technology, which attributes to the game's eye-popping cyber-space environments, detailed textures and special effects, including real-time lighting, shadows and animation. In just two years, the team developed a proprietary 3-dimensional technology to reach an outstanding quality in real-time rendering; this technology is based on the OpenGL API to fully exploit the latest hardware technologies and especially nVidia's nFiniteFX engine of the GeForce 3 and Intel's Pentium 4 CPU.

    E3 2002 Day 1: DreamCatcher Announces it's E3 Lineup
    Steve @ 1:31 PM EDT
    E3, Los Angeles, CA, (May 22, 2002) DreamCatcher, a fast-growing publisher of PC entertainment software, brings their successful publishing formula to the console market. Announced today is a lineup of titles sure to bring some attention to the well-known PC publisher. Titles include Fuel and Curse for the Microsoft Xbox™ and Iron Storm, Spirits and Spells, Kaan, and Agassi Tennis for the PlayStation®2.

    "We have an exciting new lineup of console releases that really cater to a variety of different tastes," said Richard Wah Kan, CEO of DreamCatcher. "We have a range of content that spans many gaming categories and promises to deliver high value based on the quality of the content."

    Following are the console games that gamers can look forward to seeing at E3:

    Title: Iron Storm
    Coming: PC - Fall, 2002 / PS2 Winter, 2003
    Genre: Action/Shooter
    Platform: PC, PS2
    ESRB: Rating Pending

    Description: Between reality and fiction, Iron Storm takes place in an imaginary environment that has been inspired by real events. Taking real elements from the First World War (trenches, barbed wire fences, mines, gas warfare...), Iron Storm combines them with more modern elements from the Second World War (radar, penicillin, automatic weapons, tanks...), as well as elements inspired by the Vietnam War (helicopters, lasers, electronics...).

    The player undertakes an infiltration mission and must possess combat skills as well as stealth if they are to survive as they penetrate behind enemy lines. The gameplay combines shoot 'em-up, action and reflection and, depending on the circumstances, the player can choose between first- and third-person views.

    Iron Storm Description Continued…The player must watch out for all the dangers of a real war: machinegun bunkers, snipers, mines, tanks, aerial bombardments, muddy trenches, mine-carrying dogs that are trained to attack the enemy, etc. The player's weapons consist of a Russian short saber, a Heckler & Koch MP-6 'Wotan' assault pistol with a silencer fitted, a Remington M910 'Bull's Eye' shotgun, a M203 40mm 'Clovis' grenade launcher, fragmentation and smoke grenades, and anti-personnel and magnetic mines.

    Title: Curse: The Eye of Isis
    Coming: PC - Fall, 2002 / PS2, Xbox - Winter, 2003
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Platform: PC, PS2, Xbox
    ESRB: Rating Pending

    Description: In this action/adventure, players step into the shoes of Dr. Darien Dane to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an ancient Egyptian statue from the British Museum. This unique statue is protected by an ancient and evil curse that causes madness, or violent death, to all those who come in contact with it. The Curse manifests itself by raising the dead and animating diabolical objects. As Dane, players must face the challenge of finding and returning the statue to the pyramid where it belongs. But, beware - the Curse can sense when someone is drawing near…

    Title: Spirits & Spells
    Coming: Winter, 2003
    Genre: Platform/Adventure
    Platform: GBA, PS2, GC
    ESRB: Rating Pending

    Description: A pinch of horror, a dash of surprise and a whiff of fantasy: Spirits & Spells' magic formula. The game takes place in a gloomy and frightening setting where werewolves prowl, devils dance in the flames, witches cast spells and skeletons rattle their bones. Anne and Greg, the game's protagonists, will have to explore haunted houses, overgrown cemeteries and run-down laboratories full of secret passages and spooky noises.

    Title: Agassi Tennis
    Coming: Summer, 2002
    Genre: Sports
    Platform: PS2
    ESRB: Rating Pending

    Description: André Agassi contributed all the depth of his dedication and charisma to this tennis simulation. In this sports game, up to four players can take to the court against 32 different tennis competitors on 12 different courts. The quality of gameplay, the motion-capture graphics, as well as this title's more unique options, such as managing the career mode, make this a sure fire winner for the 2002 Tennis games.

    Title: Fuel
    Coming: Fall, 2002
    Genre: Racing Action
    Platform: Xbox
    ESRB: Rating Pending

    Description: This multiplayer, character-based racing game takes place on the ground, on water and through the air on an extremely wide-range of circuits. Players choose from more than a dozen different vehicles available in each terrain. In addition to picking the right vehicle and jumping in, the player will need to choose their character before they head to the starting line. Choosing the right character is just as important as picking a fast car. Each character initially has different strengths and attributes that can be developed over time. For example, the more a player's character jumps and swims, the better the character will be at these tasks, resulting in less "FUEL", or energy, being depleted from their stamina bar.

    E3 2002 Day 1: Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars Announced
    Steve @ 1:25 PM EDT
    GORMLEY, Ontario, Canada - May 22, 2002 - Digital Leisure today announced its June 20th release of a remastered version of the American Laser Games' smash arcade hit Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars. Digital Leisure, the leading publisher of interactive DVD adventures, has re-mastered Drug Wars into a fully interactive adventure for DVD movie players that is also compatible with PlayStation 2 and X-Box platforms. The remastered version is highlighted by spectacular video quality and all the shooting action of the original laser disc adventure. Players use their DVD remote controls to aim and fire, as the notorious Lopez and his South American Drug Cartel strive to ship their white powder across the border and into major metropolises.

    Players begin the game by joining the police force in Sierra County to help the sheriff rid the town of drugs. There'll be car chases, drug busts and plenty of action so get your trigger finger ready and help put the drug dealers where they belong - behind bars! If you prove yourself, you'll move up through the ranks to fight the drug trade in the big city, infiltrate the border drug smuggling ring and ultimately confront the Cartel on their own turf - South America!

    Originally produced by American Laser Games as a laserdisc arcade shooting game, Crime Patrol 2: Drugs Wars is available from Digital Leisure remastered for DVD and will be available this fall for CD-ROM. The DVD version, as well as the PlayStation 2 and Xbox compatible versions, utilize their respective remote controls to position the gun sight and fire. The CD-ROM version supports light guns from Act-Labs as well as mouse control.

    "Fighting the war on drugs has been a popular cultural theme for decades, with such exciting dramas as Miami Vice and the movie Scarface just to mention two among many," said David Foster, general manager of Digital Leisure. "The live action of Drug Wars enables players to put themselves in the shoes of fictional and real-life heroes who put their lives on the line every day, working hard to keep dangerous drugs off the streets and out of the hands of our children. I think the game also sends a strong message to the youth of America in that eventually all the characters in the game realize that old adage: `Crime Does Not Pay'."

    E3 2002 Day 1: Take-Two Confirms Conflict Desert Storm
    Steve @ 1:21 PM EDT
    Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO) today announced Conflict: Desert Storm(a), a new squad-based action game, to be available for the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system, Xbox(TM), GameCube(TM) and the PC in Fall 2002.

    Published in North America by Take-Two through a licensing arrangement with SCi, Conflict: Desert Storm lets players lead a squad of four fearless soldiers on missions deep in enemy territory.

    Based on the 1991 Gulf War, Conflict: Desert Storm is a squad-based action game, where the player takes control of an elite Special Forces SAS or Delta Force Unit, ordered behind enemy lines to infiltrate enemy territory and neutralize key targets. Cameron Spence, an ex-member of 22 Special Air Service (SAS) is advising SCi on the logistics and realism of the game.

    "Conflict: Desert Storm is a heart-stopping thrill ride featuring realistic tactical action designed in co-operation with an SAS officer," said Kelly Sumner, Chief Executive Officer of Take-Two Interactive, Inc. "Gamers will immerse themselves in an experience that is as close as it gets to real action."

    E3 2002 Day 1: Wireless Adrenalin Pad Announced
    Steve @ 1:17 PM EDT
    LOS ANGELES, CA (May 22, 2002) - Complete with a replacement battery pack and a stylish docking station, the new Wireless Adrenalin Pad for Xbox will be demonstrated at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), May 22-24 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

    Wireless technology lets "Xboxers" play anywhere and the extra battery pack lets them play 24/7. In addition, the new Xbox accessory comes with a docking station that prevents clutter and keeps the pad from getting lost.

    "It's hard to say which feature Xbox fans will enjoy the most," said Nicholas Gibbons, managing director at Saitek USA. "An extra battery pack is a real boon to 24/7 play, but the docking station is pretty nice too," he said.

    Other Wireless Adrenalin Pad features include four analog thumb buttons, four rapid-fire should triggers for instant response, eight-way digital D-Pad for smooth control, and two analog joysticks with digital thumbstick buttons.

    The Wireless Adrenalin Pad for Xbox will be available this fall. For more information, contact Saitek at 1-800-452-4377 or visit online at

    E3 2002 Day 1: Steel Battalion Exclusively for Xbox
    Steve @ 1:10 PM EDT
    LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 22, 2002--Capcom(R) Entertainment today announced Steel Battalion(TM), an exciting battle-mech simulator exclusively for the Xbox(TM) video game system from Microsoft. Using the most elaborate controller interface ever created, players take a seat inside the cockpit of a mechanized VT (Vertical Tank) and enter into futuristic military warfare. Players pilot 20 different mechs over the course of the game while participating in a multinational task force operation to over throw the government. Ultra realistic visual effects and mech battles in a first-person perspective create the ultimate mechanized military warfare experience. Steel Battalion is scheduled to release in North America this winter. The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) rating is pending.

    An exclusive 40-button controller has been designed to completely maximize the gaming experience and immerse the player into the role of a Vertical Tank pilot. With trigger buttons to fire weapons; foot pedals to accelerate, boost and brake; levers to shift gears and move left to right, gamers must utilize the full potential of their VT's abilities in order to survive on the battlefield. Mastering the controls of this tactical vehicle will allow players to feel as if the VT is part of their own body.

    "The power and performance of the Xbox hardware really makes Steel Battalion possible," said Robert Lindsey, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Capcom Entertainment. "Steel Battalion is a video game unlike any other in that the special 40-button controller really makes your feel as if you are piloting a mechanized Vertical Tank. Gamers haven't experienced anything like this before."

    Steel Battalion players operate a strategic battle mech weapon through 12 action-packed levels, fending off dozens of adversaries while attempting to diffuse a riot that has ensued on a Pacific island ruled by a military dictatorship. Unlocking new missions, maps and enemy robots once the game is completed provides endless entertainment. With a diverse arsenal at the player's disposal, including plasma torches and a MK21-6 twin pod rocket launch, there will be plenty of action to go around.

    Steel Battalion boasts the following features:

  • Control your VT with an exclusive 40-button simulation controller designed and produced for Steel Battalion.

  • First-person perspective view lets players participate in the action through the cockpit of your mech.

  • Control a Vertical Tank (VT) which features a variety of weapons such as plasma torches, a 270mm rifle, a MK21-6 twin pod rocket launch, and much more.

  • Choose from multiple models of VT's including the Behemoth, Decider and the Falchion.

  • Twelve intense action-packed levels. Unlock new missions, maps and enemy robots once the game is completed to provide endless action and entertainment.

  • Steel Battalion will make full use of the Xbox hardware in order to create ultra realistic visual effects and realistic mech battles.

    E3 2002 Day 1: Saitek Guarantees Better Flight Sim Performance
    Steve @ 1:08 PM EDT
    LOS ANGELES, CA (May 22, 2002) - It's not often that a company guarantees something like better performance, but that is exactly what Saitek Industries is doing with its new Adrenalin Stick for Xbox . The custom designed controller offers vibration from two internal motors for greater realism in flight sim video games. In addition, it is the only left or right-handed flight stick available for the Xbox Video Game Console.

    A weighted base keeps the stick rooted to the ground as gamers soar in the skies. It is that solid quality combined with the full size of the new stick and its smooth operation that increase flight sim performance.

    Saitek developed the first PC joystick for left-handed players as well as right-handed; the Adrenalin Stick brings that benefit to left-handed Xbox players.

    The stick shines with an other-worldly green glow as it provides instant response via a rapid-fire trigger. A 3D Rudder Twist on the handle increases flight sim realism.

    Other features include nine analog fire buttons including Start and Back buttons, rapid-fire rubberized trigger, eight-way point of view for peripheral vision and for changing weapons, and a full ten feet of cable for distance control of games.

    "The Adrenalin Stick will definitely improve the performance of flight sim pilots using Xbox," said Nicholas Gibbons, managing director at Saitek USA.

    The Adrenalin Stick for Xbox will be available in August for a suggested retail price of $39.95. For more information, contact Saitek at 1-800-452-4377 or visit online at

    E3 2002 Day 1: New NFL 2k3 Screens
    Eric @ 12:57 PM EDT
    Here are the latest NFL2k3 pictures from the show.

    NFL 2K3 E3 Screen Gallery  

    E3 2002 Day 1: New Screens of NBA 2k3
    Eric @ 12:46 PM EDT
    Here are the latest screens of NBA 2K3 for Xbox hot off the press!

    NBA 2K3 E3 Screen Gallery  

    Sega Officially Releases World Series Baseball
    Steve @ 4:39 AM EDT
    SEGA(R) of America, Inc. today announced the release of "SEGA Sports(TM) World Series(R) Baseball" exclusively for the Xbox(TM) video game system from Microsoft(R). Produced by Visual Concepts and developed by Blue Shift, Inc., "SEGA Sports World Series Baseball" includes a slew of new gameplay modes and features that will get baseball fans up on their feet and ready to play ball.

    "With 'SEGA Sports World Series Baseball,' SEGA Sports elevates America's national pastime to new heights and pushes the boundaries of sports video games once again," said Tom Nichols, group director of sports marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "We have listened to our consumers and added the features they wanted such as enhanced graphics, a comprehensive franchise mode and improved gameplay mechanics. The end result is the best looking, best playing baseball simulation ever made and is a testament to our commitment to delivering the most authentic, true to life sports experience possible."

    "SEGA Sports World Series Baseball" brings realistic action from the field straight to gamers, with enhanced features including new fielding animations such as sliding catches and throws from the knees, a highly customizable pitcher/batter interface and detailed player models featuring 3-D head scans and player-specific batting stances and pitching styles. An all-new presentation system delivers dynamic camera angles, instant replays and cut scenes that bring the game home just like a televised broadcast.

    Authentic in-game sounds including player-specific chants and taunts, vendors and stadium music, as well as broadcast quality commentary from a new two-man booth, immerse gamers in auditory bliss. Color commentator Mike Krukow of the San Francisco Giants(R) joins the New York Mets(R) Ted Robinson to bring in-depth baseball analysis and spot-on play-by-play commentary.

    Players can choose from an array of gameplay modes including Quick Start, Exhibition, Season, Playoffs, Home Run Derby(TM) and the most complete Franchise Mode offered in any baseball video game. The newly expanded Franchise Mode includes a full financial model, ability to hire coaches and managers who develop talent over the course of multiple seasons, minor league directors and scouts that help pick the stars of tomorrow, player trades and free-agent signings, contract negotiations with both players and coaches and more.

    "SEGA Sports World Series Baseball" offers gamers enough player options to fill an entire stadium. The fully licensed game includes every team and stadium, and updated rosters for the 2002 season including rookies. Users are also equipped with an improved Create-a-Player mode to create up to twenty-five unique players of their own. SEGA Sports goes the extra mile with the addition of the new Cooperstown Collection(TM) license, so gamers can also play as or against 25 of the greatest players ever to grace the game including Bob Gibson, Ernie Banks, Reggie Jackson and more. Gamers can also turn back the clock with classic uniforms including the Brooklyn Dodgers(R), 80's Houston Astros(R), 70's Oakland Athletics(TM) and more.

    Combined with advanced artificial intelligence and breathtaking graphics optimized for Xbox, "SEGA Sports World Series Baseball" brings the gamer closer to authentic baseball action than ever before.

    World Series Baseball E3 Screen Gallery  

    E3 2002 Day 1: Sega's Commitment to Sports Gaming
    Steve @ 4:23 AM EDT
    Accounting for more than 50 percent of SEGA(R) of America, Inc.'s revenue, SEGA Sports(TM), the brand that continues to set new standards in sports video gaming, remains a cornerstone of SEGA's business. To reaffirm the company's commitment to SEGA Sports, SEGA will concentrate on a four-tiered approach to maintain the momentum and success of this unparalleled sports brand. In 2002, SEGA Sports will deliver all key sports to all key platforms; continue to sign A-list cover athletes; listen to the consumer to make SEGA Sports games the most realistic and authentic on the market; and execute an innovative sports marketing program that resonates with the consumer.

    "Last year we launched our critically acclaimed SEGA Sports games across all new console systems and proved to the competition that we've 'come to play' as a dominant force in sports content," said Peter Moore, president and COO, SEGA of America, Inc. "Since sports games make up approximately half of our revenue, we are more committed than ever to delivering what the consumer wants and making our sports franchises the best on the market."

    As part of its commitment to delivering all key sports to all key platforms, SEGA Sports will ship a compelling roster of new sports titles such as "SEGA Sports(TM) NFL 2K3," "SEGA Sports(TM) NBA 2K3," "SEGA Sports(TM) NHL 2K3," "SEGA Sports(TM) NCAA(R) College Football 2K3," and hoops newcomer "SEGA Sports(TM) NCAA(R) College Basketball 2K3" for the PlayStation(R) 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox(TM) video game system from Microsoft(R) and Nintendo GameCube(TM). In addition, "SEGA Sports NFL 2K3," "SEGA Sports NBA 2K3" and "SEGA Sports NCAA College Basketball 2K3" will be playable online on Xbox and PlayStation 2.

    "SEGA Sports has always been one step ahead of the rest of the industry by being the first to market with online console gaming and by creating sports games infused with authenticity and great gameplay," said Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts Entertainment. "In our 'SEGA Sports 2K3' series you're going to see us continue to push consoles to their limits by creating games that blow away existing boundaries of realism."

    Keeping in line with its mission to work with standout athletes that have redefined their sport, SEGA also recently announced the "drafting" of four superstar cover athletes for the 2K3 lineup, including New York Yankees(R) slugger Jason Giambi for "SEGA Sports(TM) World Series(R) Baseball," Chicago Bears linebacker and two-time Pro Bowl pick Brian Urlacher for "SEGA Sports NFL 2K3," 2001 Heisman(R) Trophy Winner Eric Crouch for "SEGA Sports NCAA College Football 2K3" and Philadelphia Flyers center and USA Olympic Hockey Team star Jeremy Roenick for "SEGA Sports NHL 2K3." These additions to the SEGA Sports cover athlete "Hall of Fame" reinforce a standing commitment to align SEGA Sports games with athletes who represent their sport through talent and dedication, expanding an already impressive list of athletes which includes basketball luminary Allen Iverson and tennis greats Venus and Serena Williams.

    As further proof of its promise of listening to the consumer and delivering the most realistic sports video games on the market, a multi-year deal between SEGA of America, Inc. and ESPN, Inc. was announced recently, which will make SEGA Sports' critically acclaimed video game franchises more authentic than ever before. By adding compelling ESPN presentation features, such as its easy-to-recognize score boxes and replay sequences, the line between a SEGA Sports game and a sports television telecast will be further blurred, adding greater authenticity to the games.

    Delivering hard-hitting sports marketing for more than ten years, SEGA Sports will turn up the heat in 2002 with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign to support all of its titles across all video game platforms. Key marketing efforts will include massive television advertising campaigns; major sponsorships including the SEGA Sports Las Vegas Bowl; promotional tie-ins with ESPN to take advantage of the SEGA Sports/ESPN alliance; expansive print advertising campaigns; promotions with key retailers; and a presence at consumer events such as the NFL Super Bowl and the NBA All-Star Game.