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February 2002

Thursday, February 28, 2002

First Screens of WSB on Xbox !
Eric @ 2:20 PM EST
We are pleased to bring you the very first screen shots of World Series Baseball on Xbox. Enjoy them and keep a eye out for this hot title in May as well as more info from us in the coming weeks.

World Series Baseball Screen Gallery 1  

Sega Sports Announces WSB as Exclusive for Xbox
Eric @ 12:24 PM EST
SAN FRANCISCO--(BW SportsWire)--Feb. 28, 2002-- Sega Sports(TM), the brand that continues to set new standards in sports gaming, today announced the signing of New York Yankees® Jason Giambi to a multi-year deal to serve as the official spokesperson and cover athlete for the ``World Series® Baseball'' franchise. Sega Sports gamers also scored another ``home run'' today with the announcement that the highly anticipated ``Sega Sports(TM) World Series® Baseball'' video game which ships in May 2002, will be available exclusively on the Xbox(TM) video game system from Microsoft®. Developed by Visual Concepts, the development house behind the sports video game revolution and makers of the acclaimed NFL 2K and NBA 2K series, ``Sega Sports World Series Baseball'' will deliver a baseball experience on Xbox that will be unmatched in the industry.

``The combination of these two announcements is a great win for sports gaming enthusiasts,'' said Tom Nichols, group director of sports marketing, Sega of America. ``Not only will Xbox gamers have an exclusive on the best baseball sim for this year, but they can also enjoy the most realistic Sega Sports baseball experience endorsed by one of the best players in the league. We will be looking to leverage Jason's expertise and knowledge inside `World Series Baseball' over the coming years in order to make the game not only the best looking and best playing, but also the smartest baseball video game on the market.''

As arguably the greatest player to hit the diamond in recent years, Jason Giambi's athleticism and power both at the plate and on the field have captivated baseball fans all over the country. Giambi, who led Oakland to the American League West title last season, will participate in activities promoting the Sega Sports brand among consumers, which may entail involvement in the development of the ``World Series Baseball'' series and a presence in upcoming advertising campaigns. With this agreement, Giambi joins the long line of other athletic greats who have graced the covers of Sega Sports titles such as tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, 76ers luminary Allen Iverson and U.S. Olympic hockey team member and Colorado Avalanche player Chris Drury.

``I'm thrilled to be a part of the Sega Sports team,'' Giambi said. ``The Sega Sports brand is well-known among MLB players and video game fans as the most realistic sports video games. With my involvement, I'm hoping that I'll be able to take `World Series Baseball' to the next level and make it the predominant baseball video game in the industry.''

``Sega Sports World Series Baseball'' combines enhanced gameplay mechanics, next-generation graphics, advanced artificial intelligence, full team management and the most complete Franchise Mode of any baseball video game to result in the most authentic baseball simulation made to date. ``Sega Sports World Series Baseball'' also incorporates new fielding animations such as off-balance throws and new facial animations with over 50 different emotions, so that with each hit, error or home run, gamers will actually see the passion on the player's face. New camera angles along with a broadcast quality presentation including new two-man commentary, brings the game to life like an actual Saturday afternoon game on T.V. ``World Series Baseball'' also includes the new Cooperstown Collection(TM) license so gamers can play as or against 25 of the greatest players ever to grace the game. With these and many other new features, ``Sega Sports World Series Baseball'' for the Xbox brings the gamer closer to authentic baseball action than ever before.

``Sega Sports has a legacy of creating some of the best sports games in the industry,'' said J Allard, General Manager, Xbox Platform. ``The combination of the incredible graphics and gameplay of `Sega Sports World Series Baseball' along with the high performance of the Xbox hardware makes this title a `must have' for all Xbox owners. We believe that the strength and appeal of this game will make it one of the more anticipated game launches of the spring.''

``Sega Sports World Series Baseball'' will be available at retailers nationwide this May for $49.95. This game will be rated ``E'' for everyone.

We will have the first screen shots of this game very soon as well as more info on this very big Xbox title! SEGA ROCKS!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Jurassic Park: Project Genesis Announced
Steve @ 2:07 PM EST
We missed this Press Release last week, so here it is anyway. =)

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., February 19, 2002 - Universal Interactive, Inc. announced today that it plans to release “Jurassic Park: Project Genesis,” a world-building game, in fourth quarter 2002.

Blue Tongue Software of Melbourne, Australia is developing the game for release on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, and the PC. “Jurassic Park: Project Genesis” allows players to design and manage the most amazing dinosaur theme park the world has ever seen, or battle their way through 12 intense missions that will test their mettle against the awesome powers of nature and its most dominant creatures.

“The Jurassic Park franchise lends itself particularly well to the world-building genre of games,” said Jim Wilson, president of Universal Interactive. “‘Jurassic Park: Project Genesis’ transforms a highly recognized movie property into a style of gaming that allows players to recreate the very things about Jurassic Park they always loved to see on the big screen. This is the game that Jurassic Park fans have long been waiting for.”

Both Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park are among the highest grossing films of all time. The Jurassic Park franchise has already enjoyed more than $250 million in promotional support and $2.5 billion in worldwide consumer product sales, establishing Jurassic Park as the “premier” and “leading” dinosaur brand the world over.

Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars Begins Shipping
Steve @ 2:05 PM EST
Los Angeles, CA - February 26, 2002 - Encore today announced that the highly anticipated Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft has begun shipping. This combat-racing game - which captures the power and excitement of chariot racing during the glory days of ancient Rome - is expected to be on store shelves at leading videogame retailers nationwide beginning this week. The "Teen" rated game will retail for approximately $50.

"Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars has been highly praised for its unique theme and exciting gameplay," said Michael Bell, chairman and CEO of Encore. "No other game combines racing, combat and multiplayer action - all in the cool setting of ancient Rome. The response from gamers, editors and the retail community has been remarkable, so this launch is especially exciting."

"This game represents years of work and an unbelievable commitment from the Circus Maximus team, " said George Metos, chairman of Utah-based Kodiak Interactive Studios. "Kodiak (formerly known as Sculptured Software) has developed some terrific games - from Star Wars®: Empire Strikes BackT and Super Star Wars®: Return of the JediT to Jack Nicklaus Golf T and the Mortal Kombat® series. As Kodiak’s operations wind down, we are proud that our final game is of the high quality and blockbuster status that fans have come to expect from Kodiak."

Race, Fight and Conquer

Seven huge environments throughout the Roman Empire - Germania, Rome, Cyprus, Britannia, Alexandria, Circus Maximus and the Circus of Nero - are the setting for 19 different tracks, each with their own unique characteristics (terrain, weather conditions, shortcuts, etc.). Competitors choose their track, chariot, driver, warrior and difficulty setting, and then race to the finish line, using skill and strategy to avoid obstacles, outwit competing teams and battle against other chariots. As they play, they must keep balanced on a chariot that is careening down narrow uneven roads, tracks and bridges.

Adding to the excitement is the players’ ability to control both the driver and the warrior. The driver maneuvers the chariots and guides the stallions as they charge through the twisting terrain, while the warrior fights with a signature weapon and shield. Competitors can take on opponent teams with as many as 22 different characters.

In multi-player mode, up to four people can play, either two-person head-to-head or four-person co-op. "This ability to compete cooperatively with your friends sets Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars apart from its competition," said Tony Simerman, the game’s producer. "What makes this game really fun is seeing friends’ reactions when you knock your opponent over a 1,000-foot cliff or land a finishing attack in front of the mob in ancient Rome."

Other unique features in the game are a 43-minute original sound track; hundreds of driver, warrior, horse and chariot team combinations; a training mode where players can improve their skills in areas ranging from use of weaponry to steering their horses; additional race modes (arcade, multiplayer and career); special unlocks; multiple weapons; and numerous power-ups and hidden secrets.

NBA 2K2 Released
Steve @ 2:02 PM EST
Pretty big week for Sega and the XBox.

Sega Sports the brand that continues to set new standards in sports gaming, today announced the release of the highly anticipated "Sega Sports NBA 2K2" for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft. Developed by Visual Concepts, a member of the Sega group and the development house behind the sports video game revolution, "Sega Sports NBA 2K2" is the pinnacle of basketball simulations, allowing gamers to experience all the strategy of the actual NBA game along with the unsurpassed athleticism of its star players, from the preseason tip-off all the way to the NBA Finals.

"The release of ’NBA 2K2’ on Xbox is yet another step in Sega Sports’ commitment to delivering high quality and entertaining sports content for all key video game systems," said Tom Nichols, group director of sports marketing, Sega of America. "The game’s smarter artificial intelligence, new street courts, and revamped offensive and defensive moves are complemented by the power of Xbox to effortlessly deliver the most accurate and true-to-life visuals of any basketball simulation on the video game market."

"Sega Sports NBA 2K2," the first game in the series to be released for Xbox, combines gameplay elements such as new low-post and crossover moves, intelligent coaching decisions, intuitive defensive strategy, and the ability to scrimmage and run plays during practice, to give gamers a true sense of what it’s like to be competing during an actual NBA season. An unprecedented level of user control lets the gamer set up pick & roll plays, guard the baseline on defense, fight for the rebound in the paint, and use the game’s timing-based steals to intercept balls in the passing lane. "From the intricately detailed arenas to the realistic player models--right down to the individual tattoos and hairstyles, gamers will appreciate the incredible level of detail in Sega Sports NBA 2K2," said Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts. "Our development team was able to harness the power of Xbox to deliver a game with graphics so true-to-life that you can see the emotion animated on each player’s face. That combined with real player physics and quick and responsive controls make ’NBA 2K2’ for Xbox the next step in sports game simulations." Taking full advantage of the graphical prowess of Xbox, "Sega Sports NBA 2K2" delivers a visually stunning presentation, with detailed player models that are comprised of more than 6,000 polygons each and enhanced facial animations that brings all of the game’s superstars to life. The arenas in "NBA 2K" are designed to the exact specifications of their real-life counterparts and individually lit to recreate their specific look and feel.

Adding to the arena atmosphere, are sideline characters such as cheerleaders, camera crews, referees, bench players, and individually modeled coaches. The high level of detail is further carried onto the court, with lifelike player models that are designed in the spitting image of their real-life counterparts, right down to individual tattoos, accessories, and hairstyles. Additionally, more than 500 new animations, including new dunks, blocks, and dribble moves, add to the game’s fluid pace, capturing the rhythmic nature of the game of basketball. "Sega Sports NBA 2K2" returns with all of the familiar modes of play, including Exhibition, Season, Tournament, Franchise, Practice and Street.

In the popular Street mode, the great street courts from last year are now joined by four new authentic courts in the Xbox version of the game - Hank Gathers Rec Center in Philadelphia, Run N’ Shoot in Atlanta, Venice Beach in California and Fonde Rec Center in Houston. The mode also features a familiar "play to 21" street-ball scoring system.

Given its improved player models and dramatic camerawork, gamers will have a hard time differentiating "Sega Sports NBA 2K2" for Xbox from a regular NBA telecast. This game is as true-to-life as it gets, with its TV-style overlays, full commentary and analysis during replays, and exciting crowd reactions. Naturally, "Sega Sports NBA 2K2" for Xbox also keeps current with updated rosters, arenas and team uniforms. Endorsed by Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson and including a soundtrack featuring exclusive music performed by recording artist R.O.C. and produced by award-winning rapper-producer Jermaine Dupri, the Xbox version of "Sega Sports NBA 2K2" is currently available at retailers nationwide for $49.95. The game is rated "E" for everyone and supports up to four players.

JSRF Released by Sega
Steve @ 1:59 PM EST
Sega released Jet Set Radio Future for Xbox yesterday, the 26th. This title will hopefully get the credit it deserves, unlike the DC version (JGR).

"Jet Set Radio Future makes good on the promise of the Xbox hardware, delivering enormous interactive environments, gorgeous anime-style graphics and a truly inspired soundtrack," said Mike Fischer, vice president of entertainment marketing, Sega of America. "Blurring the lines between art, culture, music and video games, Sega will continue to bend genres and define the future of entertainment with titles like Jet Set Radio Future."

Check back for a review on this exciting new title soon!

THQ Tops the Charts With WWF Raw
Steve @ 1:47 PM EST
WWF Raw and SONIC ADVANCE are Nation’s Number One Sellers

CALABASAS HILLS, Calif., - February 27, 2002 - THQ Inc. (NASDAQ NMS: THQI) announced today that it has topped sales charts for the Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft and Game Boy Advance according to independent retail data from NPD Funworld. WWF Raw®, the company’s latest World Wrestling Federation® (NYSE: WWF) licensed video game in partnership with JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (NASDAQ NMS: JAKK), was the number one selling Xbox game for the for the week of February 10-16. In its first week WWF Raw sold the most units ever for a third-party Xbox game-- second only to Microsoft’s Halo™.

THQ’s newest Game Boy® Advance release, SONIC ADVANCE™, was also a best seller topping the handheld chart for the week of February 3-9. SONIC ADVANCE was also the fourth best-selling game overall for the week of February 3-9.

“We are thrilled with the overwhelming response at retail to WWF Raw and SONIC ADVANCE,” said Alison Locke, executive vice president, North American Publishing, THQ. “Both of these titles truly demonstrate the power of these new systems as well as the continued strengths of the World Wrestling Federation and Sega brands.”

“The sell-through of WWF Raw validates our previous expectations for this new Xbox title,” noted Jennifer Richmond, vice president of licensing, JAKKS Pacific. “We are proud of the level of realism this World Wrestling Federation video game offers to the most loyal fans in the world.”

European Launch Portfolio
Steve @ 1:42 PM EST
Here is the Press Release:

Twenty Titles Available On 14th March, Strong Support From The World’s Best 3rd-Party Publishers, And A Diverse Mix Of Key Genres Will Ensure Success

LONDON, 27th February 2002 – Microsoft today announced that Xbox, the future-generation video game system, will launch on 14th March 2002 with 20 titles on day one, and a total of 60 titles throughout the launch window (up until the end of June). The portfolio includes US best-sellers Halo, Project Gotham Racing and Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee (all from Microsoft Games Studios) as well as 3rd-party titles such as Max Payne (Take-Two Interactive), Dead or Alive 3 (Tecmo), FIFA World Cup 2002 (Electronic Arts) and Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions (Activision).

The 20 titles available on 14th March make up the strongest and most critically-acclaimed launch portfolio ever in Europe. Microsoft Games Studios titles such as Halo (hailed as “the most important launch game for any console ever” by influential games magazine Edge), Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and RalliSport Challenge will all be on sale from 14th March. They will be joined by hotly-anticipated 3rd-party titles such as Max Payne, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (Activision), Dead or Alive 3, Transworld Surf (Infogrames), Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions, and Jet Set Radio Future (Sega).

More titles will be on sale in the two weeks following the launch of Xbox. These include F1 2002 (Electronic Arts), Genma Onimusha (Capcom), Championship Manager: Season 01/02 (Eidos), and Shrek (TDK Mediactive).

And, a steady stream of titles will support Xbox up to June 2002, including FIFA World Cup 2002 (Electronic Arts), International Superstar Soccer 2 (Konami), Moto GP (THQ), Spiderman: The Movie (Activision), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Electronic Arts) and Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex (Universal Interactive).

“We are understandably very proud of the launch portfolio for Xbox,” said Sandy Duncan, Vice President, Xbox Europe. “No other console in history has ever launched with such a diverse range of titles in all of the key European genres, and with such strong support from the world’s best 3rd-party publishers. All genres are represented – we’ve got European-centric sports titles like FIFA and ISS 2, great racing games like Project Gotham Racing, RalliSport Challenge and F1 2002, fighting titles like Dead or Alive 3, adventure titles such as Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, and first-person shooters like the already-legendary Halo. Halo and Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions, among others, represent the beginning of new Xbox-exclusive franchises, joined by established franchises like FIFA and Tony Hawk.

“But it’s not just quantity,” said Duncan. “Games in the Xbox launch portfolio have won critical acclaim around the world. Halo, for instance, is one of only a handful of games ever to garner 10 out of 10 scores in Edge Magazine. And the Xbox editions of multi-platform titles such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, Max Payne and ISS2 are widely regarded in the media to be the definitive versions. This shows that the power of Xbox can breathe new life into existing franchises because of the incredible graphics horsepower and features such as the in-built hard drive

“We are encouraged by the incredible success of Xbox in the US, where we outsold Gamecube and can boast the industry’s highest-ever games attach rate at a console’s launch – over three copies of software were sold with every Xbox, showing clearly that we are offering an unprecedented balance of choice and quality. And the Xbox versions of multi-platform games sold better than other versions during the holiday period, without exception.” said Duncan. “We’re looking forward to bringing these excellent games to Europe – 14th March is going to be a great day for European gamers.”

Xbox European Launch Portfolio

Title Publisher Release Date

Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding Microsoft 14th March
Batman: Vengeance Ubi Soft 14th March
Blood Wake Microsoft 14th March
Dark Summit THQ 14th March
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX II Acclaim 14th March
Dead or Alive 3 Microsoft 14th March
Fuzion Frenzy Microsoft 14th March
Halo Microsoft 14th March
Jet Set Radio Future Sega 14th March
Mad Dash Racing Eidos 14th March
Max Payne Take-Two Interactive 14th March
NBA Live Electronic Arts 4th March
NHL 2002 Electronic Arts 14th March
NHL Hitz 2002 Midway 14th March
Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Microsoft 14th March
Project Gotham Racing Microsoft 14th March
RalliSport Challenge Microsoft 14th March
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 Activision 14th March
Transworld Surf Infogrames 14th March
Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions Activision 14th March
Artic Thunder Midway W/c 18th March
Deadly Skies Konami W/c 18th March
ESPN International Winter Sports Konami W/c 18th March
F1 2002 Electronic Arts W/c 18th March
Genma Onimusha Capcom W/c 18th March
The Simpsons Road Rage Electronic Arts W/c 18th March
Blood Omen 2 Eidos Easter
Championship Manager: Season 01/02 Eidos Easter
Crash Rage Easter
NBA Inside Drive Microsoft Easter
Off Road Wide Open Infogrames Easter
Shrek TDK Mediactive Easter
Star Wars: Obi Wan LucasArts Entertainment Easter

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Need Codes? Have Some Codes?
Steve @ 12:17 AM EST
If you are in need of codes, or if you have codes, you are in luck. XBox Exclusive has just started our codes section in our Forum Section. Also known as the Boards, the code section allows you to request any codes that you may need. So give it a try and please sign up for the message boards. Thanks.

Monday, February 25, 2002

52 New Screens of Yager in Action!
Eric @ 11:57 PM EST
Last week we brought you 48 new screens of this very same game along with detailed info on the story and features. Today, we just got in 52 more screens of this title for you to enjoy. Look for a full preview of this game in the coming weeks, but for now enjoy the mass of new screens we got for you.

Yager Screen Gallery 1

Yager Screen Gallery 2

Yager Screen Gallery 3

Yager Screen Gallery 4

Yager Screen Gallery 5  

Yager Screen Gallery 6  

Yager Screen Gallery 7  

SCi signs Futurama
Steve @ 4:26 PM EST
Here's the press release:

SCi Entertainment Group (SEG), today announces the signing of the game publishing rights to Futurama, the highly successful Twentieth Century Fox TV series.

Futurama is the follow up to The Simpsons, both of which were created by Matt Groening, the multi-Emmy award winning writer and designer. The game is to be published on PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Game Cube during SCi’s 2003 Financial Year. SCi has signed the worldwide rights to the game outside North America. Fox Interactive will publish the game in North American markets.

Futurama was launched in March 1999, and since then has been televised throughout the world. The show is currently in its fourth season, with international TV broadcasting commitments currently extending beyond 2003 in most territories, and into 2008 in certain territories.

The game is being developed by Swedish-based developer, UDS, whose last title, “World’s Scariest Police Chases”, was released to critical acclaim and excellent sales at the end of 2001. Futurama is a 3D action adventure set in the stunning sci-fi universe of the TV series. The player can take on the role of the three main characters, Fry, Bender and Leila, as their adventure takes them from Planet Express right around the galaxy.

The game, which is well into development, features a strong storyline written by the TV show’s scriptwriter and producer, J. Stewart Burns. Matt Groening has been heavily involved with the game from its conception. The game will feature most of the original voice artists from all the major territories. It features a custom-made cartoon rendering engine that captures the visual look and feel of the Futurama TV series. This, combined with the authenticity that the show's creator, writers and voice talent bring, means that the game will be as close as possible to playing real episodes from the show.

Jane Cavanagh, Chief Executive of SCi commented:

“We are delighted to sign such an exciting mass market licence. Following the outstanding success of The Italian Job, this is a clear demonstration that global companies such as Fox have faith in the quality of SCi products. Added to existing titles such as The Great Escape and the next generation of the Rally Championship, Futurama provides SCi with a very strong line up for the 2003 Financial Year.”

Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Coming to Xbox
Eric @ 12:07 AM EST
Lucasarts has announced that Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter which was once a PS2 only title will now come out on Xbox as well. Jedi Starfighter will use a improved version of the first Star Wars: Starfighter engine. The game will be based on the upcoming movie Star Wars: Episode II and feature 15 levels to do battle in as well as special force abilities. We will have the first screens of the Xbox version very soon as well as more info.

Friday, February 22, 2002

Japanese Xbox Launch News
Jeremy @ 3:56 PM EST
TOKYO Feb. 22, 2002- Three months after a triumphant North American launch, Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates is taking the Xbox video game system into new territory, launching the future-generation console in Japan today.

Backed by Japanese game developers and an intense launch lineup, the most powerful video game system available the one with the best graphics, sound and game experiences can now be tapped into by game enthusiasts in Japan.

"Japanese gamers are among the most sophisticated in the world, and Xbox is the future-generation game system that matches their sophistication, fires their imagination and tests their skills," Gates said, as he greeted the first gamers in Japan to buy Xbox.

"Today's Xbox launch demonstrates our long-term commitment to Japanese video game players,said Robbie Bach, chief Xbox officer (CXO) at Microsoft. "Xbox is just getting started in Japan, and already the launch lineup of games is very strong. Its amazing to see what many of the legendary Japanese game designers have been able to accomplish on Xbox."

Xbox is on sale at thousands of Japanese retail outlets, and 12 titles are available. The launch lineup includes great titles from the top names in video games, such as Sega Corp., Konami Corp., Capcom Co. Ltd., Tecmo Ltd. and Microsoft Corp. A total of 22 titles are scheduled to be available in Japan by the end of March. Many of these Japanese games have global appeal and may be localized in various markets around the world.

"This is just the beginning for Xbox in Japan," said Hirohisa Ohura, managing director and head of the Xbox Division at Microsoft Japan. "We are continuing to work with our incredible partners to develop unprecedented games that can only be created on Xbox."

The Japanese Xbox game lineup includes the following:

"Jet Set Radio Future" (from Sega) is a graphical street-skating action-adventure game with the unique visual style of Japanese manga comics.

"GENMA ONIMUSHAª" (from Capcom) is a new interpretation of the war survival action series that garnered worldwide acclaim.

"SILENT HILL 2: Saigo no Uta" (from Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo) is the hit adventure game that shook the world with its spine-tingling horror and real-world environment as can only be presented on Xbox.

"DOUBLE-S.T.E.A.L." (from Bunkasha) is a car action game modeled after the thrilling trademark car stunt scenes of Hong Kong cinema. (This title is also referred to as WRECKLESS: The Yazuka Missions as published by Activision Inc. in North America and Europe.)

"AIR FORCE DELTA II" (from Konami) is an incredibly realistic 3-D shooting game that incorporates amazingly intense air battles using real-world fighter planes.

"HYPER SPORTS 2002 WINTER" (from Konami) re-creates 10 sporting events in a realistic, easy-to-control manner. Gamers will appreciate the beautiful winter atmosphere and the attention to graphics, such as the view from the slopes, snow-capped mountains and skating rinks complete with reflections on the ice.

"ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding 2002" (from Konami) is a realistic snowboarding game modeled after the ESPN Winter X Games and based on comments and participation from world-class snowboarders.

"Nobunaga's Ambition: Chronicles of Chaos" (from Koei Corp.) is a historical simulation game in which powerful leaders do battle to become the victorious feudal lord who can bring warring factions together.

"Nezmix" (from Microsoft) is a comical adventure in which players take on the role of a mouse that must recruit and lead a team of its fellow mice to defend their town against a band of enemy invaders.

"Tenku: Freestyle Snowboarding" (from Microsoft) is a snowboarding game that focuses on freestyle riding, rather than traditional race-based games. (This title is also known as Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding.)

"Project Gotham Racing: World Street Racer" (from Microsoft) features a unique Kudos System in which players earn rewards not only for being first at the finish line, but also for displaying skill, style and daring while driving.

"DEAD OR ALIVE 3" (from Tecmo) is the third title in Tecmo's popular tournament fighting action game series.

Retail Registers Ready

Xbox is on sale at retail outlets throughout Japan at an estimated price of 34,800 yen (actual retail prices may vary). Microsoft has devised marketing strategies, including the exclusive-for-Japan Xbox Special Edition, that appeal to the Japanese audience. Only 50,000 of the greenish-black translucent consoles are available for purchase in Japan.

New Chase Game Info
Steve @ 3:32 PM EST
Chase places players in the exciting world of Hollywood movie stunt car action. With four unique movie sets and a variety of vehicles unlike any other game, Chase promises heart-pounding action and spectacular movie-style special effects. Players will have to hit their marks as they attempt jumps, smash through props and race through the set in order to please the director before moving onto the next action packed stunt.

In the game, players will take the role of Chase Corrada, a young sexy stuntwoman, who is starting her promising career as a movie stunt driver. Chase will take players through four unique movie sets including a gangster movie setting, a post-apocalyptic movie set and more. Players will not only drive traditional four wheeled vehicles, but will also have motorcycles, a three wheeled Ramen delivery Tuk-Tuk and a large missile truck at their disposal.

* 4 Diverse movie sets (Asian City, Post Apocalyptic, 1920’s Gangster and Spy Thriller Set)
* 23 movie scenes and 5 training missions
* Career, Challenge and Multiplayer (mini-game) modes
* Dynamic Camera Replay System with added effects for the best view of the action
* Up to 4 players can compete (via split screen) in the multi-player mini-games
* A variety of vehicles including 1920’s automobiles, high-tech sport cars, motorcycles, articulated semi-truck, a three wheeled Tuk-Tuk and post-apocalyptic dune buggies
* “Hit the mark” system guides players to action packed stunts
* Play as the young sexy stuntwoman Chase Corrado
* Earn reputation points to unlock new scenes, challenges and multiplayer modes
* Communicate with the movie’s director through the Head Up Display
* Up to 4-player split-screen

Japanese Xbox controller works with an American Xbox!
Eric @ 11:51 AM EST
If you were one of those people who just couldn't get use to the big American controller, then you will be pleased to know that Japanese Xbox controllers will work fine with an American Xbox, despite reports from NCS. Japanese controllers go anywhere from $50-75 at most import shops and on Ebay, but the price is well worth it if you don't like the standard American controller.

Review: Kabuki Warriors
Steve @ 1:37 AM EST
Well here is our review for Kabuki Warriors. Haven't we all been waiting for this one? Is this game in the same league as other Xbox games? Find out here. Samurai fighting anyone?

Kabuki Warriors Review

Xbox Hits Japan!
Eric @ 12:31 AM EST
Today, Microsoft has released Xbox in the land of the rising sun. 250,000 units were shipped to stores along with 12 launch games. A total of 22 games will be available in Japan by the end of March. We will keep you up to date on how many units and games are sold in Japan, as soon as that info is released.

Wreckless Tops the Sales Charts
Steve @ 12:30 AM EST
Here is the press release:

Santa Monica, CA - February 21, 2002 -Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced that its mission-based driving game WRECKLESS: The Yakuza Missions was the #1 best-selling title nationwide in dollars and units for the Xbox videogame system from Microsoft during the week of February 3 - 9, 2002. According to NPD's TRSTS Data, this outstanding mark was made with only four days in distribution.

"With innovative gameplay and stunning graphics, WRECKLESS: The Yakuza Missions truly showcases the power of Xbox and delivers a solid mission-based driving game," said Ron Doornink, President and COO, Activision, Inc. "We anticipate that the game will remain a strong seller for months to come as Xbox begins its European rollout."

WRECKLESS: The Yakuza Missions for Xbox was awarded Editor's Choice by Official Xbox Magazine. In describing the game the magazine said, "There's simply never been anything like this" and hailed the variety of play as "staggering." Additionally,, said "WRECKLESS is one of those games that will make you glad you have the system."

WRECKLESS: The Yakuza Missions immerses players in the unpredictable underworld of Hong Kong by allowing players to choose from two distinct storylines - either as part of an elite task force assigned to take down the Hong Kong mafia or as a high-level government agent trying to uncover links between the mafia and the police. The title is rated "T" ("Teen" - Violence - content suitable for persons ages 13 and older) and carries a $49.99 suggested retail price.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

RalliSport Challenge Release Date Changed
Steve @ 3:45 PM EST
RalliSport Challenge is now coming out on March 5, 2002 according to That's over a week earlier from it's original date of March 14.

First Screens of 2002 FIFA World Cup for Xbox
Eric @ 1:24 PM EST
As the official interactive games provider of the 2002 FIFA World Cup tournament, the game promises to capture every moment of glory, every emotion, every sound and every aspect of a truly global event, giving consumers the opportunity to kick-off the FIFA World Cup frenzy by playing in the tournament before it begins. Gamers will find a whole new world of showboating and high-tempo, high-impact action, obvious from the first touch of the ball.

Key Features

Official and exclusive content - The only interactive soccer game licensed to use the official FIFA World Cup, insignia, mascots and the 20 new World Cup stadiums in Japan and Korea.

Star Players – Lifelike representation of all the star players participating in the World Cup Tournament, combined with the exceptional individual talents that characterize their style of play in real life.

Accessible and exciting new game play -‘Air Play,’ delivers intuitive one-button headers, volleys, scissor kicks, juggling, and more. Showboating and high-tempo, high-impact play is both exciting and accessible from the first touch of the ball.

New player-to-player animations – New player-to-player animations result in aggressive jostling for the ball both on the ground and in the air.

‘World Cup Moments’ - Key dramatic moments during the tournament including the beginning of a match, the end of a match and key goals are highlighted by epic cinematics. Using replays, player animations, original scores by the Vancouver Symphony and special effects, World Cup Moments underscore the emotional range of play with increasing intensity as games become more important.

‘Moment Zooms’ - New camera angles and replays capture intensity of World Cup games as they dramatize nearly missed shots, fouls and goals by focusing on player facial animations as they grimace and fall to their knees in frustration or pump their fists and cheer in celebration of a goal.

Tournament Mode - A seven game series beginning with round-robin play, followed by playoffs leading to the final match with a progressive story line and a rising intensity as you advance.

New stadium environments- Teams will be met with a rising tide of crowd excitement with thousands of fans sporting team colors, country specific chants, and an explosion of special effects including lasers, confetti, streamers, flags.

2002 FIFA World Cup Screen Gallery 1  

48 Brand New Screens of Yager & Tons of New info!
Eric @ 1:13 PM EST
Here is the complete story behind Yager along with many of its features and gameplay modes. The Xbox version will be shipping in May and will be 1 player. Check out the massive amount of new screen shots we just got in of this very anticipated title.


Original, provoking and rich in storyline. Yager captures your imagination as you battle for your life in tomorrow’s hostile skies. But is it all what it seems…? Keep your wits about you, and use what you learn, as your struggle evolves to become the fight against constitutional power, conspiracy and control. With the genre-busting mix of 3D action-adventure and air combat, coupled with the highly motivating storyline and nail-biting campaigns, Yager is next generation gaming at its finest.

In single-player-mode widely varied missions deriving from the context of a thrilling plot, breathtaking 3D-action and elements of adventure will create a unique atmosphere you can hardly escape. You’ll become the key figure in a complex science fiction story. The storyline evolves as you advance, letting the characters you meet respond to your actions and behaviour.

You play as Magnus Tide, fighter pilot. Your mission is to survive. Win life-threatening dogfights against top aces, infiltrate enemy hiding places, race at speed through the skies against outlaws in their highly tuned machines, dive and attack your enemies… There are furious battles to be fought. You will need skill, stealth and sheer guts. Have you got what it takes? Do you accept the challenge?

Setting: Earth towards the end of the 21st century.

Powerful, independent Mega Corporations have taken over major sections of the civilised world by using their economic power. Former national government and administrative structures no longer play a fundamental role; their military and police forces have been reduced to relative pawns of the public order, or have disappeared completely. Instead, those mega firms have installed their own social regimes, and rule their respective territories according to their individual corporate codex and bias, may it be progressive, bureaucratic, totalitarian or militaristic.

There are also people who are not willing to conform to any strict regime or company. Freetraders and other folks populate the power between the Mega Corporations´ territories. There are freelancers who work for the highest bidding of either party, and there are also pirates raiding ships and places.

Recently, something stirred up the Proteus Company, one of the more progressive of the Mega Corps. One of their communication satellites has crashed, and the latest report indicates that it had been hit by something strange. Soon after, some of Proteus’ ships and transports crashed as well, the pilots’ story was that they suddenly lost control of their craft. There are reports of increased pirate activity from the free trade zone bordering Proteus’ waters. And the DST, the dark corporation that rules the northern territory, has been dubiously quiet for some time. Something must be going on – high time for Proteus to engage someone to dig up the dirt.

Setting: The overall theme is sci-fi, 50-100 years in the future. Technology has shifted almost all traffic into the air – you’ll find lots of flying craft in Yager, from single-manned vehicles to large civil freighters, to huge battleships hovering over the landscape. But the action takes place fairly close to the ground – the features of the landscape play an important role.

In the course of the game, the plot takes the player to a number of settings. These differ from one another not only in terms of graphics and sound, but also in terms of behaviour of characters and opponents who will be met there. These also reflect in the backgrounds, each of which comprises several areas and missions.

The Proteus base, homebase of the player, is set on idyllic islands in the sea. Proteus’ comparatively progressive bias and their cultural background are apparent from their architectural style, buildings resembling antique Greece, science facilities etc.

The Free Trade Zone behind the nearby continent coast resembles today’s image of the Caribbean, with the rich green landscape and relax at the famous, local “Jane’s bar”.

The Pirate Fjords neighbouring the free trade zone, with their labyrinth of rivers and canyons, the perfect hiding place for the fierce hoards of pirates, and a dangerous trap for enemies.

Bitterfeld, set in a barely populated corner of former Russia, is a wasteland of run-down installations - defence robots still doggedly guarding long abandoned industrial plants and it’s deteriorated landscape criss-crossed by leaking pipelines and dotted by chemical tanks which can suddenly explode.

The DST outpost has a northern ice setting, with its malicious base towers, mighty defences and the prison castle which fits perfectly with the hostile nature of the area, forming a demonic scene for the culminating story and the final battle of the game.


Action is the main part of the basic gameplay. Most of the time, the player will be seated in the cockpit of his craft; Lobos Robotics´ latest creation: capable of hovering and flying like a jet. Its flexible manoeuvrability is a key feature - this allows for a wide variety of tactics (you can fly sky-high to shoot down on the enemy base like an eagle, or you can quietly sneak up on them, taking advantage of the landscape for cover). Throughout the game you have ample of opportunities to upgrade your ship, giving the player all the manoeuvrability and fighting powers he needs to face the challenges that await him.
However, mindless shooting is not the way to success. In the course of the missions, the player will be confronted with a wide variety of challenging situations, tasks, and enemies. But, the situation can change suddenly. After a quick briefing, the player is left in charge and distinctive "environments" demand him to find out what is going on before he can reach his goals.

The action takes place fairly close to the ground, allowing a great variety of gameplay and letting landscape features play an important role. This is achieved by applying an appropriate maximum altitude, making it an advantageous tactic. This way, exploration of the areas (being able to proceed with caution when in Hovermode) as well as certain combat behaviour (particularly in Hovermode, where you can side-strafe, circle-strafe etc.) resembles the close-to-the-action feel and immersive. At the same time, flying low enhances the immediate feeling of the speed and dynamics of the action.

So do the controls: although capable of quite complex manoeuvres, the craft handles easily, making gameplay straightforward and fun.

There will be pickups: Ammunition and weapons to some extent; plus certain items, which play an important part in the respective missions.

At certain places/times, the player can land his craft: Allows the player to save and gain points at appropriate times let him to move on to the respective mission. Landing at specific locations play a key role for the mission.

The plot of the single player episode will unfold in approximately 25 levels or missions, but the design aims at the experience of a continuous story. An event or mission that seems unrelated at first will let you discover the connection later on.

The plot is to structure the missions. Mission objectives change in accordance with the actions the player is involved with. Sometimes, long-term goals can only be reached if alternative solutions are chosen. An example: In the abandoned, industrial-like lunar landscape of Bitterfeld, some invincible, automatic sentries block Magnus’ path. While the player is doing recon in this dangerous area, he meets some of its inhabitants, which he hopes are willing to help him. They offer to show him a way out of the area if, in turn, he destroys a tank station manned by old battle druids that went haywire long ago. After having done that, the inhabitants want to help him, but they have lost their only ship when the tank station blew up. Now, the player has to help them build a new ship so they can get him out of the area.
Just like in this example, the player will constantly meet characters that have different impact on the completion of objectives. Some are friends, some want to cheat him, and some want to kill him. The relationship to Magnus´ female COMMS officer develops throughout the game in accordance to the player’s actions.

In the course of the plot, some missions put the player in another place: In the cockpit of other ships including enemy craft or in control of big guns, e.g. The player has to always think about what’s going on around him and not just when it comes to dealing with other characters. The different locations need to be explored in great depth as the story has a couple of surprising twists. The main character Magnus, controlled by the player, has a certain amount of artificial intelligence when he is communicating with others, commenting on the events, earning respect and rank in the eyes of the other characters, and the game world itself.

In the single player episode, there will be various sorts of enemies that you will encounter throughout the settings. Depending on their origin, they will have distinctive behaviours: Pirates may tease and huff you when they attack like a pack of hyenas with their re-armed booty ships, while enemy armies or police forces would attack in a more organised manner using equipment ranging from small fighter ships to huge carriers and battleships. In the Bitterfeld setting, a gone-mad, unpredictable industrial war-robot may block your way - if you’re lucky, it will shoot the bush instead of your ship...!

Scoring/Rewarding: While side quests and multiple ways to reach objectives within a mission provide rewards like special weapons upgrade (e.g. offered by someone the player has helped in a side quest). Secret missions can result from choosing an alternate way to solve the current mission as well as varied starting conditions of the next mission (e.g. assistance of someone the player has rescued before), and the like. General behaviour of the player influences dialogues, especially in regards to relationship with the female COMMS officer (the parallel "love story" can result in three different endings).
MULTIPLAYER (PC ONLY): Scoring system considering frags, time durations, bonuses when conquering base/destroying battleship etc.


The game will be presented in real-time 3D. The player´s craft will fly above a detailed and richly textured landscape with all kinds of topographic features, and lots of objects like buildings, bridges, tunnels, vegetation etc., which are all nicely integrated. The goal is for the player to experience being in a living world, so aside the main action there will be lots of animations and movement like flying freighters unloading their cargo, radar antennas rotating, civilian craft hovering around in the free trade zone, birds etc. The objects are crafted in great detail with high polygon counts and hi-res textures so that the player can enjoy taking a closer look, as well as discover other things needed for the game.

Animations of game objects, like the hangar gate of Proteus´ drop-ship opening and the landing ramp unfolding, or the huge DST flying battleships opening their hatches to expose their mighty guns, are not just eye-candy, but also enhance the atmosphere with the impression of a consistent, functioning environment, as well as serve gameplay purposes by indicating things that are about to happen.

The characters, appearing on COMMs screens during gameplay and in full motion in the sequences all of which are in great detail. Hand-made animations ensure expressive movements that underline the respective situation, be it the relief and jubilation of the free traders when Magnus saves the bar from destruction by the DST, or Pjotr Karpov´s excitement when Magnus shows him a picture of the lost Ural-B plant which Karpov has spent years searching Bitterfeld for. Appropriate camera work in those sequences enhances the story.

Effects like fire, smoke, explosions, muzzle fire, flashes etc. make the action gameplay a firsthand experience. Done with a sophisticated particle engine, the 3D effects integrate perfectly into the environment, each explosion looking different, no spotable “loops” in fire and smoke etc. Other effects include shining engine jets, moving searchlights, coronas around lamps, reflecting metal, animated water surfaces reflecting the environment, real-time shadows etc.

Sound effects and music complement the immersive experience the graphics provide. They play an important role in making the action even more believable.
Object-related sounds support the individual way and function of a given object (a civilian ship sounding harmless as opposed to a dangerous enemy craft; an openly attacking pirate ship sounding fierce as opposed to one lurking in a dark corner; the player’s engine sounding damped down in Hovermode as opposed to the afterburner roaring in Jetmode). Ambient sounds enhance the atmosphere of a given scenario (hear the wind howl through groaning, deserted, old installations in Bitterfeld, while birds may sing among the trees in the free trade zone, at least until the place gets devastated).

The overall 3D sound boosts immersion, as the player can differentiate between the sounds around the ship (not to mention left vs. right). The sound reflects the environment as well, such as a jet sounding different when racing through a narrow canyon vs. when flying in an open valley.

The music fits the overall theme of the respective mission as well as adapts to the actual gameplay situation, supporting on a subtle level the dramatic effect of suspense and release, defeat and triumph, foreshadowing a dangerous situation at one point, or lulling the player for the effect of surprise at another.

The different settings reflect both the respective graphics and sound. The rotten, haywire and unpredictable nature of the Bitterfeld droids can, apart from their behaviour, already be told from their visual appearance, with metal chunks ripped off the dented, poorly riveted hulls and thick black smoke, mixed with irregular bursts of fire, puffing out of their broken pipes, as well as from the stammering sound of the wrecked engines.

In contrast, Proteus´ ships are clearly shaped, regularly colored and reflect the company’s image in their modern, rather non-marital outlook, supported by the dimmed humming of their modern engines.


Magnus Tide, 28 years of age, freelance fighter pilot and main character
“For the last 5 years Magnus has kept himself alive by freelancing for Proteus, specialising in high-risk job which equals high-pay. Last summer Magnus took on a small delivery job. "Nothing serious", he was told. The phrase haunted him all the time he swam ashore as the remains of his ship sank behind him. Bloody pirates! After he'd dried off, his boss at Proteus denied hiring him and told him Proteus couldn't be seen associating with freelancers carrying contraband. Then he got a broken nose, and Magnus got no more work. At least until the message came in… A new boss had taken over, and he was to be given one last chance. It must be a big one he thought, otherwise why me. The pay was good, that's why he sold everything he had, cashed in all his credits, dug up all his gold, and sold his last living relation. He was down to his last shirt when he finally had enough money to buy the new ship.”

In the game, the player assumes the role of Magnus. But that doesn’t reduce Magnus to a puppet – he comments on the game situation, engages in communications with other characters by himself, and is seen acting in the sequences.

Sarah, 25 years of age, 1st Lieutenant for Proteus Communication Corps.
“Sarah was once a Communications Captain, 1st Grade. That was before she met up with Magnus Tide. When he crashed and burned he took her career with him. Sure, the bosses denied all knowledge of the operation but someone at base had to carry the can, and Sarah found herself at the short end of the stick, the end with the mess on it. When all the fuss died down, she was quietly reinstated, but at a lower grade. Right now she's not a happy bunny. She hates the world in general and her lot in particular. She hates men, flowers, children, small furry puppies, she hates communications, Proteus, Wing Commander Xavier Moondrake, the Readers Digest, but most of all she hates Magnus Tide.”

Sarah is the responsible Proteus Comms Officer, who tells Magnus/the player what to do at the beginning of a mission. Magnus´ attempt to win back Sarah’s sympathy is one layer of the game’s plot. The player is motivated to pursue this, as Sarah is quite attractive, yet hard towards Magnus, with signs of possible improvements.

Aldo, a mysterious undercover agent
From time to time, this character appears. He obviously has information unknown to Magnus, and is in some obscured way related to the things that seem to happen in the gameworld. Magnus gets this information from him, and has to support him at certain points to reach his own goals, but it is only in the end that it strikes Magnus that this guy is no other than his own boss at Proteus!

Dr. Austin Valeri, Proteus´chief scientist
A typical boffin, average height and build, high forehead, and strange haircut. Being part of the company, he’s loyal to Proteus. He leads the examinations of the “controller” that Magnus finds in Bitterfeld and that holds the secret key to the backgrounds of the events happening in the gameworld.

During a mission Magnus rescues Austin Valeri, Austin shows his appreciation by giving clues to backgrounds, which integrate into the plot and motivate Magnus/the player’s further actions.

The Barman of Jane’s, the famous bar in the free trade zone
This character knows what’s going on in the free zone, as all kinds of people visit his place. Many of them are agents: “Now in order to run such a place a man has to be discreet, and discreet means keeping your eyes and ears open and not asking questions. That way you get to keep your customers, your bar, and your life.”
Winning this guy’s confidence, would be key for Magnus.

Cheek Lu, the pirate leader
Cheek Lu has a secret and appears masked, talking through a vocoder that distorts the voice making it sound deep and mechanical. Up to a certain point the player, like all the characters in the game, must assume that Cheek Lu is male, but only Magnus/the player is to see how Cheek Lu looks and sounds when revealed to be an attractive woman!
In the beginning, the pirates appear as the evil army in the game, and Cheek Lu as their leader is one of Magnus´ main opponents, coming with a ship and skill comparable to the player´s own. Later, she will change sides.

Boris Stepaschin and Pjotr Karpov, inhabitants of Bitterfeld
Two of the Privodniks that Magnus meets in Bitterfeld, are old mechanics / engineers that live on a platform built on top of a broken pier. Boris Stepaschin lost his hand in an accident and wears custom tools instead, mostly a spoon. So he stays at the platform and guards it against the mad-gone droids and crazy killing automates that haunt the Bitterfeld wasteland, unlike Pjotr Karpov, who searches the area for usable things and the lost Ural-B plant, which, if found, could be used to make goods to improve the Privodniks´ life’s.

The two Privodniks are of great help for Magnus/the player, as they offer him shelter and a chance to continue his mission in Bitterfeld, in exchange for a little “errand”.

Gunther van Berg, DST Battleship Captain
Captain van Berg is every inch a Prussian officer of World War One. He speaks in a very clipped, military style German accent. The duelling scar on one cheek fits his appearance. Van Berg is the prototype of the totalitarian, militaristic DST party pursuing dark plans.

Magnus is confronted by him at several points in the game, his goals being the exact opposite of Magnus´, with Magnus/the player controlling his single-manned fightership vs. van Berg commanding huge Battleships, out-powering Magnus and looking down on him like an annoying insect. To win this confrontation in the end is a great triumph.


3D engine to visualise huge landscapes and detailed objects

Full support of Xbox graphics hardware including Vertex- and Pixelshaders effects

Realistic lighting including multi-coloured light sources and shadows

Effects like water, fog, explosions, lens flares, smoke etc.

Animations of textures, objects

3D sound - interactive music

Realistic physics

Global physical conditions (e.g. gravitation, wind, etc.)

Highly flexible particle systems allowing for debris, trails, explosions, smoke, fire etc.

Flexible control of objects by special AI

Fully scriptable game engine


Captivating storyline, evolving throughout the game

Strong player character, with attitude

Straightforward, close-to-the-action gameplay

Immersive 3D environment

Rich and alive Gameworld

Easy-to-handle, yet very capable player ship

Cool Weapons

Great range of ships: From quick fighter ships to huge battleships and carriers

Great variety of mission themes

Many interesting characters

Lots of animations

Realistic lighting

Stunning real-time effects

Environmental Audio and interactive music for immersive sound

Sophisticated AI

Realistic physics engine

Yager Screen Gallery 1

Yager Screen Gallery 2  
Yager Screen Gallery 3  
Yager Screen Gallery 4  

Sierra Changes Name
Jeremy @ 11:33 AM EST
Bellevue, WA (February 19, 2002) — Sierra announced today that it has officially changed its name to Sierra Entertainment, Inc. A studio of Vivendi Universal Publishing, Sierra's new name reflects the company's commitment to developing a broad range of entertainment products, including games for both the PC and next-generation consoles.

"In choosing Sierra Entertainment, Inc., we have adopted a name that signifies our commitment to creating extraordinary entertainment, " said Michael Ryder, President of Sierra. "We wanted a name that conveyed Sierra's ability to blend innovative, ground-breaking technology with a broad range of compelling, entertaining and original games."

As a 22 year veteran in the game publishing business, Sierra has a long-standing history creating some of the best-selling and critically-acclaimed titles in the industry. Hits such as King's Quest®, Leisure Suit Larry®, Hoyle®, Space Quest®, Half-Life®, Tribes™, SWAT™, and NASCAR® Racing are among the popular games which symbolize Sierra's ability to deliver diverse, award-winning products to the marketplace.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

EA Announces 2002 FIFA World Cup for Xbox
Eric @ 11:45 PM EST
Before over 37 billion people worldwide come to a standstill to follow the 2002 FIFA World Cup(TM) competition this spring, EA SPORTS offers soccer enthusiasts the opportunity to determine for themselves who will win the world's most coveted trophy with 2002 FIFA World Cup. Announcing today that it will release exclusively the official interactive FIFA World Cup game, Electronic Arts gives consumers globally the opportunity to kick-off the FIFA World Cup frenzy by playing in the tournament before it begins. The game promises to capture every moment of glory, every emotion, every sound and every aspect of a truly global event, giving consumers the opportunity to kick-off the FIFA World Cup frenzy by playing in the tournament before it begins. Gamers will find a whole new world of showboating and high-tempo, high-impact action, obvious from the first touch of the ball.

2002 FIFA World Cup will ship in April for PC-CD, the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and PlayStation console, the Xbox video game system by Microsoft and the Nintendo GameCube.

"We've gone to great lengths to set out to develop the most realistic, enjoyable FIFA World Cup experience," said Executive Producer Marc Aubanel. "In order to do so we've signed an unprecedented number of licenses in so we can deliver soccer fans their favorite players and teams in FIFA World Cup uniforms, competing in sanctioned World Cup Stadiums, replicated with lifelike detail."

2002 FIFA World Cup will include the following licensed content:
Official and exclusive 2002 FIFA World Cup game -- As the official game of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, EA offers the only interactive soccer game officially licensed to use the FIFA World Cup, insignia, new World Cup stadiums, banners, and mascots.

Licensed national teams -- Users can take the pitch with the U.S. National Team as they compete head-to-head in their first game at the Suwon World Cup stadium or in subsequent games versus Korea at Daegu, and Poland at Daejeon or as one of the other teams in the tournament.

Licensed players -- Featuring all players participating in World Cup competition this summer, including U.S. forward Landon Donovan and the members of the U.S. National Team. Star players competing in the 2002 FIFA World Cup including Donovan and others will display their physical likeness in the game along with their individual talents that identify their style of play.

UFC: Tapout Ships to Stores
Eric @ 11:37 PM EST
UFC: Tapout captures the leading fighters in the world of mixed martial arts, putting them head to head in a simulation of the real-life Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view event.

"Not only does UFC: Tapout beautifully represent the incredible graphic power of the Xbox, but the fighting action is equally intense,'' said Craig Owens, Senior Group Marketing Manager at Crave Entertainment. ``With Tapout, we've taken the full contact combat of the UFC and enhanced the gameplay with a deeper Create-a-Fighter mode and an Arcade Mode that lasts for hours with lots of hidden fighters to unlock."

UFC: Tapout features new modes, new moves, and new fighters, bringing the gaming experience closer to the intense reality of the sport. Packed with a full roster of the world's most accomplished athletes, the game features some of the UFC's classic brawlers and current champions, including UFC light heavyweight world champion Tito Ortiz and lightweight champion Jens Pulver.

Offering more full contact fighting than any game ever created, UFC: Tapout recreates music, sound and visuals on par with actual UFC telecasts. Small details combine for a big difference as the technology of the Xbox makes it possible to see every detail, even down to perfectly replicated fighter tattoos. High-resolution renderings of the fighters, accurate representations of the arenas, and high-energy fighter entrances accurately capture the in-your-face, aggressive feel of the sport with jaw-dropping realism.

In the new Arcade mode, players go head-to-head against fighter after fighter, wielding either their own custom-made brawler or one of 27 UFC competitors. UFC: Tapout also offers a Versus mode, a Tournament mode for up to eight players, and an in-depth Create-a-Fighter mode with more than 1,000 variations to choose from.

We will have a review of this highly anticipated title in the next few days!

Universal Interactive Announces 2002 Xbox Line Up
Eric @ 11:34 PM EST
Universal Interactive announced today its 2002 Xbox line up. Its Jurassic Park game (which was rumored to be cancelled) finally gets a name, and its highly anticipated game based on Bruce Lee also gets a date. Heres the official release list:

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex - Q2 2002

The Thing - Q3 2002

Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon - Q3 2002

The Fellowship of the Ring - Q4 2002

Jurassic Park: Project Genesis - Q4 2002

6 New Screens of The Fellowship of the Ring!
Eric @ 11:11 PM EST
Universal Interactive has released 6 new screen shots of its upcoming game, The Fellowship of the Ring. Also, today they announced an official release date of Q4 2002 for the title. Check back soon for more info on this very hot title.

The Fellowship of the Ring Screen Gallery 1

THQ Releases New Legends
Steve @ 10:14 PM EST
Feb. 19, 2002--THQ Inc. today announced it has shipped "New Legends(TM)," its combat-based, action-adventure game, exclusively for the Xbox(TM) video game system from Microsoft. In "New Legends," blades and bullets clash as players choose from a variety of defensive, ranged and melee weapons as they battle to free the Soo kingdom from the evil Xao Gon.

"As an exclusive Xbox title, ’New Legends’ delivers a fresh and unique action experience," said Alison Locke, executive vice president, North American Publishing, THQ. ’New Legends’ will be a welcome addition to the software library of the more than 1 million new Xbox owners."

Monday, February 18, 2002

5 New Screens of Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing
Eric @ 4:39 PM EST
Here are 5 new screens of the game in action as well as some new info on the title.

The PAIN (Polymorphic And Interpolative Node-mapping) damage engine, created especially for Codemasters’ Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing, delivers dynamic visuals of boxers’ faces that show off the game’s promise of being the most intense boxing experience on consoles.

Blood, sweat, tears and bruises – it’s all there whether it’s you or your opponent that takes the beating.

Land a really bang-on punch as see your opponent’s face swell up as the PAIN engine allows areas of the boxers’ faces to expand over the textured damage effects.

The developers have created the PAIN facial shaping engine to ensure their vision that Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing captures aggressive attention to fight detail.

In addition to showing damage, the facial shaping technology of the PAIN engine also enables the game’s uniquely flexible character creation system.

In Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing players create up to four of their own custom boxers; choosing their personal, physical and boxing attributes.

Way ahead of any other fight game, the boxer creation system lets the player manipulate around 40 different parts of the body and head, altering size and appearance.

Due April 26th 2002 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing’s gameplay is aggressive and confrontational and, for the first time, will deliver a video game that the hard-hitting sport deserves.

# # ENDS # #

Mike Tyson
Hasim Rahman
Larry Holmes
Tim Witherspoon
Paolo Vidoz
David Tua
Audley Harrison
Michael Grant
Frans Botha
Kirk Johnson
Chris Byrd
Oleg Maskaev
Danell Nicholson
Malik Scott
Dominick Guinn
Danny Williams

Bobby Czyz (USA)
Ian Darke (UK)

Enjoy the new screen!

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing Screen Gallery 1

Infogrames Announces Superman
Steve @ 1:49 PM EST
Feb.18, 2002 – Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Superman! This autumn, Infogrames brings the world’s greatest super hero – Superman – to the Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft. Based on a story derived from the most popular and recognised super hero in the world, Superman: The Man of Steel will challenge players to protect Metropolis from super villains Brainiac 13 and Lex Luthor, and a legion of malevolent robots intent on destroying the city and taking over the world.

“Utilising the amazing power of the Xbox, Superman: The Man of Steel will finally deliver to gamers and comic book fans a Superman game that’s worthy of its namesake,” said Larry Sparks, Vice President of European Marketing for Infogrames. “Featuring detailed worlds of massive scale, a host of infamous super villains, devastating moves and powers, and a variety of dynamic play modes, Superman: The Man of Steel will thrill both new and hardcore Superman fans alike. Superman is one of the most popular and recognised characters in the world and we are creating a game that lives up to his reputation.”

Superman: The Man of Steel is a single-player action game based on the DC Comics Superman universe. Aiming for complete authenticity to satisfy hardcore Superman fans, the story is being developed and written in conjunction with DC Comics. In the game, Brainiac 13 attempts to take control of the advanced technology behind the futuristic Metropolis technology that would enable him to destroy Metropolis and rule the world! Players assume the role of Superman, the Last Son of the planet Krypton, and are charged with protecting the citizens caught within the ensuing chaos, finding the technology to stop the maniacal robots from taking over the city, and defeating the evil masterminds behind the diabolical plot.

The heart-pounding action takes place across vast worlds dripping with true-to-life detail. Superman must battle enemies throughout the massive urban cityscape of Metropolis, light-years from earth in the vacuum of space and in distant locales, such as the mysterious Phantom Zone and Warworld, familiar to fans of the comic series.

As Superman, players will have powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men, including super strength, heat vision, flight, ice breath, X-ray vision, telescopic vision and more. Players are treated to two unique combat experiences, with intense confrontations taking place both on the ground and in the air. From mid-flight battles with giant robots that are wreaking havoc on Metropolis buildings to engaging in hand-to-hand combat with Brainiac 13’s henchmen threatening citizens on the ground, gamers must use a variety of techniques, including punch combos and super powers, to prevail as the Man of Steel.

In addition to combat missions, gamers must surmount other adrenaline-packed challenges, including damage management, civilian rescue, disaster aversion and other gameplay modes. Brainiac 13 and his minions will do everything in their power to take back the futuristic technology from Metropolis, including damaging buildings, causing train wrecks and placing civilians in mortal danger. It will be up to Superman alone to restore peace within the city of Metropolis, and ultimately, save the world.

Developed by Circus Freak Studios, Superman: The Man of Steel incorporates cutting-edge graphical technologies, including vertex and pixel shaders, bump-mapping, environment mapping, real-time motion blurring, realistic cloth effects and spectacular particle effects. The game will feature Dolby 5.1 3D spatial sound effects and an evocative, movie-like score composed especially for the game. Superman: The Man of Steel debuts on Xbox in autumn 2002.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

New Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter Screens
Eric @ 11:51 PM EST
Here are some new screens of Craves genre-bending combination of FPS and space combat game due later this year for PC and Xbox.

Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter Screen Gallery 1

Project 3 Announces NWO for Xbox: First Screens!
Eric @ 11:28 PM EST
Dutch publisher Project Three Interactive today announced they have acquired 100% of the shares in Swedish development studio Termite Games, who are currently developing the highly anticipated tactical first person shooter game "New World Order" for PC.

With the take-over, fast growing Project 3 underlines its ambition to become a groundbreaking developer and worldwide publisher of high quality games software. Project 3 CEO Robert Ercevic said: "We already considered Termite to be a very talented team, so when the opportunity arose for this take over, we moved in very quickly. They have really created a revolutionary 3D engine and with New World Order as the first game being made with it, we think the FPS community will be absolutely amazed. We are just thrilled they're now part of us and look forward to bringing their superb technology and games to various gaming platforms for years to come."

Project 3, who already had the rights to publish the game worldwide, also said the development of the game will now be accelerated and that a May 2002 release is still very much in the cards. Project 3 further announced it is looking to expand the Termite team and start working on Xbox and PS2 versions of New World Order in the very near future.

Jim Malmros of Termite Games added: "We're extremely pleased to have joined a solid and successful publisher like Project 3 and are eagerly looking towards the future. We have worked with them up close and personal in the past and are glad to now be family. With the team expansion, scheduled console versions of New World Order and then hopefully building on the New World Order franchise, all my dreams seem to come true."

We will have more info on this game when it is released. Here are some screens from the PC version of the game.

New World Order Screen Gallery 1

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

20 New Screens of Crash!
Eric @ 1:19 AM EST
Here are 20 more reasons why you should keep an eye on this great looking game!

Crash Screen Gallery 5

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

8 Must See New Screens of Transworld Snowboarding
Eric @ 11:29 AM EST
Here are the most impressive shots of this game yet, enjoy!

Transworld Snowboarding Screen Gallery 2

Monday, February 11, 2002

See the Japanese TV ad for Jet Set Radio Future
Eric @ 9:02 PM EST
Heres the Japanese TV ad for Jet Set Radio Future. The movie is in .mpa format but will play in the lastest version of WMP. Enjoy and look for are review on this game soon!

Jet Set Radio Future Japanese TV ad

Brand New Screens of Legacy Of Kain: Blood Omen II
Eric @ 7:15 PM EST
Here are some nice new screens of Legacy Of Kain: Blood Omen II for Xbox. The game is on target to ship along side the Xbox in Europe this March and should hit the USA shortly there after.


Vampiric supernatural abilities such as rooftop jumping, stealth and mind control allow you to unlock new environments for exploring and to aid in facing increasingly stronger enemies.

Quench your thirst for life in the demise of your enemies as you drain them of their blood!

Combat choreography unfolds with dance-like precision as Kain engages armies of demons and humans alike.

The comprehensive menu of unstoppable attacks, nimble combos, and special moves will satiate even the hardened of fighting game fans.

The world that Kain moves through is a lushly detailed gothic environment that is not only gorgeous to the eye, but also interactive to the player.

Intuitive AI behavioral response. Watch peasants and enemy characters flee, call to arms or remain unaware as Kain moves stealthily through crowds or charges sword raised into open areas.

The combination of a dynamic action game with the dark mood and atmosphere of a Resident Evil-style adventure makes for an intense and cinematic gaming experience.

Legacy Of Kain: Blood Omen II Screen Gallery 1

Sci Entertainment Announces Cameron Spence Collaboration
Jeremy @ 6:01 PM EST
Straight from the press release:

SCi Entertainment is pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with Cameron Spence. Cameron, an ex-member of 22 Special Air Service (SAS) is advising the games publisher on the logistics and realism of its new product ‘Conflict: Desert Storm’. The game is based on the Gulf War conflict where Cameron was a serving senior NCO.

“Conflict: Desert Storm” is due for release in June 2002 and will be available for games platforms including Sony’s Playstation II, PC and the Microsoft Xbox.

SCi has recently enjoyed great success with the ‘Italian Job’ that has been ranked in the top ten most popular Playstation games by sales since its launch in October 2001.

2001, for SCi, saw a focus on game development; SCi Entertainment now has an impressive line up of title releases’ for 2002; including ‘Championship Rally’ and ‘Gumball Rally 3000’. 2003 will see the release of the ‘Great Escape’, a game based on the cult film.

Sunday, February 10, 2002

Gun Metal Info
Jeremy @ 1:38 PM EST
Gun Metal
Publisher: Majesco
Developer: Rage Software
Platform: Xbox
Release: June '02

With the last of your outer defenses breached and the enemy moving ever onward destroying all that lies in its path, only one hope remains.

Standing ten meters tall and equipped with an arsenal of devastating weaponry, a battle machine that can transform into a highly maneuverable jet fighter is your only hope of turning the tide of war.

Welcome to Gun Metal...

* Freely transform from powerful mech to highly maneuverable jet fighter;
* Walk, run, jetpack or fly over a variety of breathtaking landscapes;
* Extensive armory of spectacular and devastating weaponry;
* Completely interactive environments: crush rocks, fell trees, tear chunks from buildings and raze entire settlements to the ground;
* Take the fight to the enemy hordes as you progress through 25 diverse and engaging missions;
* Battle extensive variety of enemy units ranging from scuttling foot soldiers to monstrous battle fortresses;
* Interact with herds of animals that inhabit environments, trample forests and blunder into battle;
* Utilize intelligence information relayed to you in the heat of a skirmish;
* Assist the remaining battalions of allied forces as they take make their last stand.

Saturday, February 9, 2002

New Info and Release Date for NFL Blitz 20-02
Eric @ 10:07 PM EST
NFL Blitz 20-02 is scheduled to ship in March for the Xbox(TM) video game system from Microsoft and Nintendo GameCube(TM). The only dedicated extreme-style football videogame for next-generation systems, NFL Blitz 20-02 showcases exclusive 8-on-8 action and over-the-top, adrenaline-style gameplay and real NFL attributes.
Officially licensed by the NFL and PLAYERS INC and featuring real NFL teams, players and stadiums, NFL Blitz 20-02 has evolved to bring fast-paced action, visually stunning graphics and NFL strategy to the next-generation of game systems. NFL Blitz 20-02 has been totally reinvented, delivering more than just an arcade or simulation football game, but a mix of extreme-style action and authentic NFL realism -- including NFL star Charles Woodson's motion-captured moves.

``NFL Blitz 20-02 is like a football highlight reel with its outrageous plays, hits and action,'' said Helene Sheeler, vice president of marketing, Midway. ``With all-new added features, NFL Blitz 20-02 is like no other version in the NFL Blitz series.''

New, next-generation features have been added to NFL Blitz 20-02, bringing tremendous depth and intense excitement to the series. New player models with body styles based on the height, weight and position of their NFL counterparts will give gamers the ability to differentiate players on the field. In addition, to keep the opposition on its toes, gamers can use the new ``Impact Player'' feature to edit the route or assignment of a featured NFL player for any offensive or defensive play they call. By dominating either side of the ball -- moving the chains or blowing through the line to sack the QB -- gamers can watch their team get ``on fire'' and perform even more outrageous moves and over-the-top animations, including motion-captured moves from professional stuntmen.

To add even more authentic attributes to the ferocious gameplay of NFL Blitz 20-02, Midway signed an exclusive deal with Oakland Raiders defensive back and perennial Pro Bowler, Charles Woodson, to appear on the package cover and in advertising materials. Woodson also participated in a motion capture session and added some of his signature moves, including bump-and-run coverage, tackling and a touchdown dance.

NFL Blitz 20-02 Key Features:

Extreme Football -- The best extreme-style gameplay available on any console.

Player Format -- New 8-on-8 format adds more players to the mix.

Revolutionary Facial Motion Capture -- This new high-tech process captures real facial expressions and actual talking movements of the players.

Impact Player -- This revolutionary play calling system allows the player to ``on-the-fly'' alter the route or assignment of the impact player within any play in the team's playbook.

Outrageous Animations -- More than 1,500 animations, including the motion captured moves of professional stuntmen and NFL Pro Bowler Charles Woodson.

Multiple Player Models -- Player models that feature different body styles based on real heights, weights and positions.

Spectacular NFL Stadiums -- All of your favorite NFL Stadiums in all of their next-generation, high poly-count splendor.

Real NFL -- ``Officially licensed'' means that gamers can play all of their favorite NFL teams and of course, all their favorite players, too, each with real body styles, abilities and attributes.

Legends of Wrestling Gets Release Date
Jeremy @ 8:20 PM EST
The Xbox version of the PS2 smash-hit Legends of Wrestling is currently slated for a May 15 release. We at Xbox Exclusive will keep you abreast of the release date in case any changes are made.

Friday, February 8, 2002

Infogrames and Hasbro Agree on Purchase Price
Jeremy @ 4:48 PM EST
Infogrames Entertainment and Hasbro Inc. came to an agreement on January 29, 2002 on the final purchase price of Hasbro Interactive.

Infogrames acquired Hasbro’s interactive software business last January by purchasing all of Hasbro Interactive’s equity and securing a 15-year licensing agreement covering all Hasbro Inc. properties. The acquisition was initially to be paid for with 4,521,405 Infogrames shares (raised to 4,747,473 after the 5-percent stock dividend of January 2002), 5 million dollars in cash and 1.5 million Infogrames share warrants.

The January 29, 2002 agreement, based on guarantees made to Infogrames concerning the net worth of the business, calls for Hasbro, Inc. to return 4 million dollars in cash and 1,769,528 of the Infogrames shares it originally received.

The final purchase price is thus 2,977,945 shares of Infogrames Entertainment SA stock, 1 million dollars in cash and 1.5 million Infogrames share warrants.

Hasbro Inc. has also granted Infogrames a preemptive right on half of the Infogrames stock it owns.


Infogrames Entertainment (Euronext: 5257) is one of the top five developers and publishers of interactive entertainment in the world, and comprises the publicly traded, U.S.-based Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM), and Infogrames Europe. The Company develops, publishes and distributes interactive games for all available gaming platforms, including Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, the PC, and the Macintosh, as well as for various interactive platforms.

Infogrames’ catalog of more than 1,000 titles includes games for consumers of all ages and features numerous popular franchises, including Alone in the Dark, Big Price, Civilization, Driver, Independence War, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Test Drive, Unreal Tournament, and V Rally, among others. In addition, the Company holds the exclusive license to some of the world’s most recognizable entertainment brands, including Warner. Bros.’ Looney Tunes, Le Mans, Men In Black, Mission: Impossible, NASCAR, Superman, Survivor, Terminator, Transworld, and many more. Infogrames’ games fall into two general categories, CORE GAMES for the gaming audience, and FAMILY GAMES for the enjoyment of the whole family.

With a global distribution networks that reaches more than 50,000 retail outlets, Infogrames commands a significant market presence and shelf space in every major market. In the U.S. alone, the Company’s distribution network reaches in excess of 22,000 outlets, ranging from major retailers such as Wal-Mart, and Target to specialty shops and online outlets.

Outlaw Golf Info
Jeremy @ 4:46 PM EST
Straight from the press release:

NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2002 -- The first golf title for the Xbox(TM) video game system from Microsoft will make its debut this April complete with strippers, biker chicks and the most advanced golf gaming engine ever made.

"Outlaw Golf" (Rated: "RP" by the ESRB; $49.95 estimated street price), will be a hardcore golf game with a humorous side that takes gamers to three different courses where you'd never find PGA members.


With a hardcore physics engine and a take-no-prisoners attitude, OUTLAW GOLF takes the sport to the extreme. Try your game on one of these outrageous courses:

-- Turnpike Valley Country Club - Experience golf with a special flavor - a blend of toxic waste and traffic exhaust that cries New Jersey. Note the friendly message that local denizens have colorfully painted on the tastefully placed concrete supports that allow golf and heavy traffic to coexist. Don't forget to dodge low flying airplanes!

-- Crusty Leaf Country Club - Remember the Civil War? They do. So look out for stray bullets and trailer parks as you head South - where the loveliness of the golf course is offset by the ugliness of certain local denizens. On the bright side, if
you've had a hankering for your first cousin, here's your chance to get married properly!

-- El Diablo Country Club - Golf in this desert setting and do your part to wreck the environment. Enjoy the low flying blimps, which are no more garish than the residents, and stop in to visit Grandma and Gramps when you finish your round.


Only the finest individuals could golf on these courses. Choose to be:

-- C.C. -- Growing up around six brothers meant CC learned early in life to kick major sports-ass and wear dresses later. This curvaceous and ultra-competitive Tom boy can dish out a delicate chip shot or a vicious roundhouse kick to her good natured, tubby caddy, Heavy G. By the way, don't ever call CC a Tom boy to her face or you'll be looking out of your ear.

-- Doc - Taking time off from his busy surgical and malpractice schedule, Doc Diggler never passes up a chance hit the links... even if it costs a few patients their lives. Lugging clubs for doctor slice is his brain-dead caddy, Toast.

-- El Suave - Hailing from the most sexy, exotic locale on the planet - Tia Juana - El Suave is the only golfer ever known to be able to pose before, during and after a golf swing. Carrying the clubs for this Latin Lover of himself, is the ultimate brown-noser, golfshoe-licking toady, El Ramon.

-- Harley -- Born in a motorcycle repair shop, Harley grew up with a crowbar in one hand and a golf club in the other. Harley perfected her golf swing beating up boyfriends and relatives. She is currently living in a van with her fellow hog-riding, tough-yet-tender boyfriend and caddy, Snake. Harley can frequently be seen on TV, usually being handcuffed and hauled off by local police for disorderly conduct.

-- Ice Trey -- Hailing from the rough and tumble, crime-ridden inner city streets of Beverly Hills, wannabe rapper, Ice Trey, dropped out of school to pursue his dream of rapping and playing golf -- a decision that was about as promising as his single digit S.A.T. score. Caddying for Ice Trey is his one-man posse, spinner and tattoo consultant - Fresh Fruit.

-- Killer Miller -- Just released from prison strictly on technicality, Killer Miller takes pride in his long game and his short temper. At 6' 5" and 275 pounds of angry, rippling muscle, Killer puts on quite a show -- bringing new meaning to the expression "slaying his audience." Toting Killer's clubs is his caddy, confidant and twenty dollar an hour shyster attorney, A. Lance Chaser, Esquire.

-- Scummy O'Doole -- When he's not out swinging his niblick on the back nine at St. Andrews, legendary soccer hooligan and world-class barroom brawler, Scummy O'Doole, likes to kick back and pass out in his own vomit.

-- Summer -- Hailing from the Big Apple, where she splits her time between PHD studies in molecular biology at Columbia University, and entertaining foreign businessmen in the champagne room of the Pink Flamingo, please welcome sultry
Summer, and her equally ample caddy, Autumn. Remember gentleman, after the game these ladies will be available for autographs... and lap dances. Bring plenty of singles.

-- Trixie -- Trixie has been playing golf at private clubs ever since she was a wee little snob. Dumb as a ball washer and ruder than a slicing drive, Trixie's handicap is her mouth. She hails from quote-unquote "none of your business, USA." Carrying Trixie's bags is her deep-pocketed and dirty old caddy, Ed.

-- Mistress Suki - Hitting the links, literally, is one tightly-laced, leather-clad golfing diva whose game is all about discipline. Inflicting maximum punishment on every ball she hits is Mistress Suki, assisted by her bruised and battered, but amiable 300 pound whipping-boy caddy, Puddin'. Watching these two out on the course is an excruciatingly exciting experience.


Use the Range to practice skills and improve your character's statistics. There are many different exercises to improve putting, driving and accuracy. Note that you may need to unlock better clubs in Tour Mode to successfully complete some events. After completing an event, you're awarded skill points to distribute on a selected character.


In OUTLAW GOLF, you'll also experience our scientifically-perfected "composure response system." The better you play, the smoother the controls become; but the worse you play, the harder the controls get -- just like in real life, the worse you play, the harder it is to regain your composure and focus. But don't worry because the CRS helps you regain your composure in two ways - first, by focusing, concentrating, and getting your game under control, and if that plan fails - by beating the snot out of your caddy!

In OUTLAW GOLF your daddy's pastime becomes a full contact sport!


OUTLAW GOLF will be available for Xbox in April 2002.

Thursday, February 7, 2002

New Malice: Kat’s Tale Screen Shots
Eric @ 5:54 PM EST
Here are some new screens of Malice: Kat’s Tale on Xbox. The game is expected to ship in Fall 2002 for both Xbox and PS2.

Malice Screen Gallery 1
Malice Screen Gallery 2

12 New Screens of ISS 2 on Xbox
Eric @ 5:24 PM EST
ISS 2 is the latest offering from Konami CE Osaka, creators of Konami's successful International Superstar Soccer series and is due out in late Spring for Xbox. Enjoy the screens of the Xbox version in action!

ISS 2 Screen Gallery 1

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

First Screens of Whacked
Eric @ 11:55 PM EST
Here are the very first screens of Whacked!. Hit the link below to see what Microsofts next first party game looks like.

Whacked! Screen Gallery 1

It's Time to Be Whacked! on Xbox. First info
Eric @ 9:52 AM EST
REDMOND, Wash. -- Feb. 6, 2002 -- Microsoft Game Studios today announced the development of "Whacked! (TM) ," the latest addition to the award-winning lineup of titles for the Microsoft® Xbox (TM) video game system. Developed by Presto Studios Inc., "Whacked!" will feature fast and furious combat in which eight demented contestants are pitted against each other in the world's most irreverent and dangerous game show. When contestants take the stage, all hell breaks loose as free-for-all combat ensues. Contestants must use power-ups and zany weapons such as giant staplers and rubber ducky grenades to flatten their opponents and win a grand prize that's out of this world. "Whacked!" is slated for release in fall 2002.

"Whacked!" includes the following key features:

Bizarre, yet appealing characters. Players meet a variety of contestants, each with their own quirky personality and unique traits, including Otto, the emaciated, narcoleptic dude who lets his recliner do all the work; and Lucy, whose sinfully attractive body is surpassed only by her cunning ability to use it.

Multiple gameplay modes. Players can choose from Combat Mode, in which players fight each other in a race to collect resources, Chicken mode, which pits a player against a horde of man-eating chickens in a quest to stay alive, or other modes including King of the Hill, Grab 'n' Run, Fragfest and Dodgeball.

Highly detailed levels. Gamers can do battle in an artic pipeline or clash under a Christmas tree -- there are more than a dozen intense levels (including the kitchen sink) where players can destroy their opponents.

Vast array of weapons and power-ups. More than 40 weapons and power-ups are at gamers' disposal. Enemies can be blasted with the circus cannon, tossed with the pitchfork, pegged with a staple gun or poked with a shish ka bob -- the choice is up to the player.

We will pass along any media of this game as it is released.

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

14 New Screens of Tazz on Xbox
Eric @ 6:14 PM EST
Here are the first screens of Xbox version of Taz Wanted. Tazz will be shipping on May 31, 2002, check back for a full preview on this game very soon.

Tazz Screen Gallery 1

WWF Raw Info
Jeremy @ 4:40 PM EST
For Xbox(tm)


The top rated show on cable, Raw is coming to players living rooms this winter backed by the power of the Xbox. Experience the most brutal wrestling action ever seen as you square off with more than 45 of the 's toughest Superstars including The Rock(tm), Stone Cold Steve Austin(tm), The Undertaker(r) and Triple H(tm). Players can grab a tag team partner and wreak serious havoc on the rest of the Federation, compete with up to four wrestlers in the ring at once or cause mayhem on their foes in a Hardcore match.

Exclusive to the Xbox video game console from Microsoft and developed by Anchor,
Raw captures the look and feel of the World Wrestling Federation(r) with highly detailed graphics and authentic TV-style presentation complete with Superstar ring entrances and theme music.


Genre: Wrestling
Platform: Xbox
Projected Ship Date: Winter 2002
Target Audience: Wrestling/Fighting fans
Players: 1-4 players
SRP: $49.99
Developer: Anchor


* TV Style presentation with in-game cut away scenes and "Double Feature" replays
* Dynamic lighting effects and fully scaled arenas with authentic Superstar entrances complete with full TitanTron(tm) videos
* Thousands of move animations including Superstar signature moves
* For the first time ever gamers can assault opponents and interfere with them on their way to the ring
* Create a Superstar mode enables players to create the ultimate wrestler
* Variety of match types including Title matches with four Superstars in the ring and KING of the RING tournaments
* Enhanced multiplayer capabilities including four-player tag team, handicap and triple threat match variations

First Screens of Nightmare Creatures 3
Steve @ 3:18 PM EST
UbiSoft today released the first screens of Nightmare Creatures 3, but they have not stated what platform they are taken from.

Check out the screens here.

Nightmare Creatures 3 Announced
Steve @ 3:16 PM EST
This game is coming out for Xbox, PS2, GC, and PC.

Ubi Soft and Kalisto announce worldwide publishing agreement for Nightmare Creatures 3

Sequel to 2 million selling Nightmare Creatures 1 & 2 set for release on consoles in 2003

5 February 2002 - Developed by Kalisto Entertainment, Nightmare Creatures 3, Angel of Darkness (working title) is the sequel to the 1998 hit game Nightmare Creatures 1 and the 2000 game Nightmare Creatures 2, which sold in excess of 2 million units worldwide combined on Sony PlayStation®, Nintendo® 64, Sega Dreamcast and PC platforms. Nightmare Creatures 3 for the new generation of video game consoles will hit store shelves in the second quarter of 2003.

"With this new opus of the Nightmare Creatures blockbuster series we've found a unique way to enter the gothik action adventure genre. We believe this agreement can seal the start of a long and profitable partnership," said Yves Guillemot, President and CEO of Ubi Soft Entertainment.

"We are thrilled to enter into this agreement with leading worldwide publisher Ubi Soft. Nightmare Creatures 3 is one of our most important original projects. We are excited that after all our investment in 2000 and 2001, Ubi Soft feels the potential is here to create a top selling game." said Nicolas Gaume, CEO of Kalisto Entertainment.

With its action-packed gameplay backed up by a fascinating story, Nightmare Creatures 3, Angel of Darkness carries forth the Nightmare Creatures series into the realm of gothic horror fantasy.
Nightmare Creatures is back, this time in 19th century central Europe where you play the role of a new agile heroine who sets out to solve a mysterious event. During the daytime you will explore Prague as the story unfolds. When night falls, the heroine and her accompanying Raven merge and transform into a formidable fighting beast, ready to defeat the very much alive and kicking Adam Crowley, the ultimate boss, in the final combat.

With a life-like world, 3 different heroine real-time transformations, very troubling weather conditions and its exceptional special effects, the game draws on every last bit of power your preferred console has to offer. The use of suspense and tension rather than an over gore atmosphere offers the sophisticated gaming experience horror fans and gamers have always craved for.

Monday, February 4, 2002

Raw Goes Gold
Steve @ 3:38 AM EST
Just in case anyone was wondering, WWF Raw from THQ has begun its production process. Check out Not only has the game gone gold, but it's definitely coming out February 12. Can't wait for this one!

Official Raw Site

Sunday, February 3, 2002

NFL Fever prediction for SB champs is dead on!
Eric @ 10:43 PM EST
In one of the best Superbowl games ever, the New England Patriots upset the St. Louis Rams 20-17. Right on the money was Microsofts NFL Fever 2002, which in a cpu vs cpu game the final score for the Superbowl was dead on with a 20-17 victory for the New England Patriots. You can check the whole thing out at and even watch a movie of the NFL Fever version of the Superbowl.

Friday, February 1, 2002

Grand Prix 4 Info
Jeremy @ 10:00 AM EST
London, January 2002 - Enter a universe born of perfection, technology, competition, blistering speed and of course glamour - and witness the unveiling of a new chapter in Formula 1 gaming. Leading interactive games publisher, Infogrames, has today announced that it is bringing one of the largest and most critically acclaimed brands in gaming to Next Gen consoles for the first time, specifically the Microsoft Xbox, in addition to the PC version.

Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4 is the latest instalment in a hugely successful PC racing series, having sold over 2 million units worldwide. The new edition will launch on both PC and Xbox in June 2002, bringing the sheer exhilaration of real F1 racing to a massive global audience.

From the inception of the first Grand Prix title in 1992, the Grand Prix series has garnered unparalleled critical acclaim, with PC Gamer hailing Grand Prix 3 as a "masterpiece". Inherent throughout the entire series is the staggering attention to detail, phenomenal car physics, and utterly realistic artificial intelligence. The Xbox and PC titles will of course carry the official 2001 FIA Formula One World Championship licence, featuring all the official drivers, teams and tracks from the 2001 season.

Now working in conjunction with Infogrames' Chippenham internal development studio, acknowledged gaming guru Geoff Crammond together with his own development company Simergy has taken the Grand Prix brand to a new level.

"We believe Grand Prix 4 raises and re-defines our own benchmarks in terms of realism and playability", commented Crammond. "Our aim is not simply to produce a great game about racing, but to deliver a complete F1 driving experience which is as close to having a real F1 drive as possible.''

Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4 for PC and Xbox boasts an all new graphics engine, new 2001 season car physics, plus ultra-realistic track layouts based on actual GPS data, which produce even greater player involvement and immersion than ever before. A whole host of other new additions are promised, including multi-player options, improved audio and a motion-captured pit crew, all combining to offer the player the most intense F1 racing experience available.

Cyril Voiron, Infogrames' Marketing Manager for Sport & Racing titles announced, "To PC gamers, Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix games represent the epitome of F1 video-gaming. By bringing Grand Prix to Xbox as well as PC, we are offering console gamers the first ever opportunity to get their hands on the next evolution of a legend."


"An official product of the 2001 FIA Formula One World Championship licensed by Formula One Administration Ltd."

"Formula One", "Formula 1", and "F1","FIA Formula One World Championship", (together with their foreign translations and permutations) are trademarks of the Formula One group of companies.

© 2002 Simergy Limited. © 2002 Geoff Crammond. All rights reserved. This product incorporates motor sport simulation technology exclusively licensed to Infogrames Interactive Inc. by Simergy.

© 2002 Infogrames

Ninja Gaiden at E3?
Eric @ 12:20 AM EST
According to the comments made by Tecmo in their official statement, they are working on a new ninja adventure game. They have still not decided on a platform as of yet, but said to wait for a official announcement at E3. Tecmo also made this statement, “We are working on a premiere action title which we expect will drop some jaws at E3, but the official title and platform haven’t been finalized yet". Only one game comes to mind when some one says "Ninja Game" and "Tecmo" in the same line, but action game? It sounds like Tecmo has quite a lot up its sleeve. Guess we will have to wait closer to E3 for more info.