Fall 2003

Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home

As you all probably know, the backyard wrestling phenomenon is about to hit video game consoles around the world in a matter of months thanks to Eidos. This game will utilize the developmental services of Paradox, the folks behind the legendary Thrill Kill, a game so violent that EA chose to cancel publishing plans for it after it was finished. With a pedigree like that, you can expect to see plenty of gore in this game, and Paradox doesnít disappoint in that department. Backyard Wrestling will feature many implements of destruction for you to use on your opponents. Remember seeing flaming tables in ECW? Well, theyíre in this game too, and itís the first game to feature them. Dives off of high structures, ala New Jack in ECW/XPW wonít be uncommon in this game thanks to some crowd participation that helps keep your foe stunned long enough for you to pounce on them from your lofty perch. Among the more maniacal weapons in this game are thumbtacks and barb-wire bricks. The former was made famous by Mick Foley, and the latter seems like something needless, kind of like XPWís barb-wire ladders. None the less, these weapons should be fun to use throughout the course of the game.

Unlike most wrestling games on the market, your wrestlerís most devastating attacks will be available for use right from the get-go. You donít have to worry about charging up a meter in this game, oh no, you can unleash all sorts of insanity right off the bat. Paradox obviously made ďhaving funĒ as one of itís top priorities when developing this game. From what has been seen of the game so far, it appears to be more of a fighting game than a wrestling game. This approach does fit the license pretty well though. And while Iím sure that many wrestling purists will scoff at the potential lack of actual wrestling going on, one look at the gameís title should clue them in on the reason. Sufficed to say, I doubt youíll see too many front chanceries or half-nelsons in this game.

One innovation that Paradox should be commended for is a progressive system that showcases the visual damage done to the competitors via black eyes, bruising, and lots of bleeding. Itís a shame that more details havenít been revealed about this aspect of the game yet, because there are tons of possibilities for it. There could be clothes tearing due to the barb-wire shards from the barb-wire brick getting caught in the clothing, or maybe even some blood spilling onto the in-game environments to add a bit more realism to the mix. From what has been seen so far, theyíre on the right track. Blood will extensively stain the clothing, and it will also stay on the body of the competitor, and to top it all off, it will also stain the weapons that were used to draw blood in the first place. All signs point to this gameís graphical innovations being used to their fullest potential, at the very least, more graphical advancements have been made with this game than any wrestling game in the last few years.

Now Iím sure youíre probably wondering just who is going to be in this game to unleash all this mayhem.. Well, some of the names in this game will be quite familiar to wrestling fans. Eidos has spared no expense and has secured Sabu, the Insane Clown Posse (who will supply some, if not all of the gameĎs music), and Vampiro to appear in this game. Some of the ďstarsĒ of backyard wrestling will appear in this game as playable characters, as will the backyard babes that adorn the Best of Backyard Wrestling videos. Also, some of JCWís biggest names will be in this game. Guys like Madman Pondo, Evil Dead, Rude Boy, Monoxide, and Jamie Madrox will all appear In this game.

Right now, the game is set for release on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox in the summer of 2003. Keep in mind that this date is only tentative and may change at any time. For more information on the game, check out

-Jeremy Peeples