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Gun Valkyrie

Sega's support of Xbox thus far has been extremely strong, with huge franchises like Shenmue, Panzer Dragoon, and Crazy Taxi all seeing sequels on Xbox soon. Sega support isn't just limited to sequels of their big franchises though, they've also got some great, fresh, new titles coming down the pipe, and one of them is GUNVALKYRIE.

GUNVALKYRIE, in typical Sega fashion, has an incredibly bizarre story. The setting takes place in an alternate dimension where Dr. Hebble -the resident mad scientist- in a strange turn of events, hasn't invented any kind of diabolical scheme or invention that you must fight against. No, this time around, the mad scientist has been captured! By what you ask? Why, none other than dastardly, mean, ugly monsters! And belonging to an elite faction of the military, you've got to rescue the smarty-pants from the clutches of monsters, and take as many of the bastards to their graves on the way.


  • Ignite massive battlegrounds in action-packed firefights filled with atmospheric hazards as you explore massive environments disrupted by over-advanced technology

  • State of the art graphics engine achieves smooth and realistic texture-models and roduces stunning environmental effects-both complimented by an amazingly high-poly count available only through Xbox technology

  • Revolutionary control utilizing both Left and Right thumb sticks allow you to run in one direction while gunning down enemies all around you!

  • Eight distinct types of customizable weaponry!

  • Striking graphic images based on Japanese animation! Extremely popular in the U.S. and Japan, GUN VALKYRIE features a world famous Japanese animation graphic style called “Japanimation technique" making shading effects in the game tremendously vibrant.

    Graphically, GV is extremely impressive. Smilebit really knows what they're doing with the Xbox hardware, and it definitely shows through. There can literally be dozens of highly detailed enemies on screen at a time, all the while in these huge, equally detailed levels. The weapon effects also look outstanding.

    On the game play front, the game promises to be on a very epic scale. Early reports have touched on the control being a bit tough to work with, but Sega still has some time to get things up to their high standards before GV is released for public consumption. Bottom line, if Sega and Smilebit's (Whos also the maker of the excellent Jet Grind Radio) track record is any indication, GUNVALKYRIE has a very high probability of turning heads when it's released this March. Have your wallets ready!

    -Andy Wilson


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