Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden, the long anticipated game from the 1990s is back, this time with Ryu Hyabusa who we all know from the Dead or Alive series. Equipped with a huge arsenal of sharp looking modern, but still Asian weapons, Ryu is ready for you to banzai some ninja buttocks! In a recent demo not long ago featured within an OXM demo disc, we had the opportunity to catch a glimpse at what the full game has to offer in this brand new era of ninja games. Ninjas might be long gone, but there are still games to prove that the "ninja" still lives inside today's gamers' minds and spirit, and Ninja Gaiden is no exception!

Our impressions from the demo were mostly positive but nothing particularly shocking. There could come more goodies within the full featured game that is just so near, and will be busting into one of your local game shops sooner or later. The game had fun and smooth gameplay that brought back good old arcade-action to the face of entertainment. The graphics were nothing short of DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball, and the ninja moves were as mystical as they could get. Expect more soon as we get our hands on the full game, stay tuned!

-Nima "ShadowHeart" Naghibi