From Software

Otogi: Myth of Demons

We recently had the chance to hear from Sega themselves just what Otogi is all about. From Software (the developer), is known for Murakumo, and the Armored Core series. Originating from Japan, Otogi: Myth of Demons has over 25 destructible environments. Being that you need certain weapons to kill off certain demons, there are many RPG elements within Otogi. There are 33 weapons in the game, and over 12 types of magic to use. It's set in ancient Japan, and you take control of Raiko.

In Otogi you don't just "hack 'n slash" your way through levels, you have to pick which items you want to use for a specific level. These elements will influence your characters weight, and in turn effect his jumping abilities, etc. You may also be working your way out of each level through certain puzzles. If there is any confusion about this game being like Shinobi on PS2 (from the screen shots), Sega has made it clear to us that this game is not like Shinobi. It's from a different developer, and the two developers did not work with each other on this (Overworks and From Software). Otogi is an action adventure game with fast paced gameplay, so Shinobi fans may also like this. Raiko has a lot moves at his disposal, but it's not quite as complicated as one might think. The average gamer will want to check this game out even if you're thinking its just another action RPG, because it's more of an action/adventure game.

While your controlling Raiko, you can destroy most of each levels environment. Buildings, walls, and bridges are all destructible, along with the actual ground. The graphics look to be taking advantage of Xbox's capabilities. Large open land is open for exploration, and the graphics show it off superbly.

If you weren't hyped up for this game before, you should be looking forward to this title. This Xbox Exclusive title is due out in less then a month. If you don't believe the hype, then download the newest movie from us (click on "Movies" below; 7.4MB).

Click the "Screens" graphic below for the 34 new screens. Click here for 12 other Otogi Screens.

-Steve Melanson