Beep Industries

Voodoo Vince

Well, Beep Industries' Voodoo Vince is but a day away, and XbE is here to give you a heads-up on it. Going by the demo included in the October 2003 edition of the Official Xbox Magazine, it's not too hot. While the gameplay isn't bad, it doesn't seem to be all that good either. The much-lauded voodoo powers are a nice touch, and are something different to be sure, but they didn't really grab my attention. They come off like more of a gimmick than anything else, much like the hard drive use in Blinx.

Thankfully, the other aspects of the game seem to be done better than the voodoo powers. The hand-to-hand fighting is nicely done, with responsive controls that help matters out a lot. The atmosphere in it is fantastic as well, with lots of slow-moving, jazzy music helping to create a laid-back mood for the game. The lighting effects also help with the mood as well. Graphically, the game doesn't appear to be all that spectacular outside of the lighting and detailed environments. The characters all lack detail, and appear very generic, outside of Voodoo Vince himself, who features a rather inventive character design.

Hopefully, some of the qualms I have with the game thus far are due to it being from a demo that could be from an incomplete version of the game. There's a chance that the problems I had with it are rectified in the final copy. The game is $40 new, so odds are, you'll get your money's worth out of it. If nothing else, the game looks like it will be a solid sleeper hit.

-Jeremy Peeples