Express Preview: Metal Dungeon

Release Date: Late November/Early December 2002
Developer: Panther Software
Publisher: Xicat Interactive

Metal Dungeon is coming late November, and there are many features that we want to go over before Xicat releases this title. First of all, Metal Dungeon is an RPG, one of the few available for Xbox.

You can initially choose five different character types that includes Fencer, Striker, Analyzer, Caster, and Broader. There is also another 5 that are unlockable. What the developer, Panther Software, did with the levels is brilliant by having the dungeons randomly generate, so you will never play the same level twice. Adding even more replay value to this title, they included 100+ hours of gameplay.

Some other key features:

  • Customize character with enhancing chips, equipment and a unique attribute system designed specifically for Metal Dungeon.
  • Add to your team by finding and re-animating the corpses of fallen warriors, unlocking 5 new character types.
  • Hundreds of monster types to battle and 10 unique end-bosses to test your mettle.
  • More than 200 weapons, items and power-ups to find, purchase and accessorize.
  • A detailed "library' system keeps track of every Monster, Item, Weapon, Power-up, and Spell found during each mission. View complex stats, features and abilities with ease.
  • Compete against other cyborg teams in the Coliseum and earn riches and fame.

    If you don't believe the hype, then check out Xicat's Metal Dungeon info page and watch the Metal Dungeon Trailer. And lastly, visit the Official Metal Dungeon site here.

    Now on to the Screen Shots.

    Screen Gallery 1

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    8 Screen Shots of Gameplay

    Screen Gallery 2

    All of Screen Gallery 2
    20 More Screen Shots of Gameplay


    If you are looking for a new Xbox RPG, this is it! Metal Dungeon is a must buy for any RPG fan. From the movies and the screen shots this game is shaping up to be a nice addition to your Xbox library. Check back next month for our full review.

    For further information go to and check for updates.

    -Steve Melanson