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Max Payne

After already storming through just about every PC bestseller chart, Rockstar Games is bringing their incredible 3rd person action title Max Payne to Xbox. Easily one of the best action games in quite some time, Max Payne looks ready to light up the charts all over again, this time on Xbox.

In Max Payne you play the role of a good NY City cop who comes home one day after work to find his wife and new child murdered by a couple of thugs who were high on this new drug known as V. With nothing to live for Max takes up a job with the DEA to halt the trafficking of the drug that the killers were doped up on. Not long after taking the job, Max goes off on his own and will stop at nothing to avenge the death of his family.

What sets Max Payne apart from other 3rd person action games is its use of a new feature called "bullet time" or what I like to call "The Matrix Button". While you are playing, you can enable Bullet time for a short period of time. This puts the game in slow motion letting you see each individual bullet, making it easier for you to dodge them. Also, all the enemies move in slow motion, as do you, but your aiming is still at normal speed. This makes hitting multiple enemies easier. Not only does this feature add a totally new level of gameplay to Max Payne, but you end up with gunfights looking like they're right out of the Matrix or big budget Hong Kong action movies.

Another thing that sets Max Payne apart from other games is its graphics. When Max Payne came out for PC back in July it was and still is one of the best looking games to date with some of the most detailed textures ever seen in a game, and things are only getting better on Xbox. Thanks to Xbox's powerful GPU, the texture details are looking even better then they did on PC; as well as with other improvements to take advantage of Xbox's hardware. So if you were one of the many people who couldn't enjoy Max Payne on the PC due to the steep Hardware requirements, fear not because now is your chance to experience all the goodness of Max Payne in full glory thanks to Xbox.

Max Payne for Xbox is shaping up to be everything the PC version was and more. If you missed this incredible game on PC for whatever reason this is a must buy, bottom line, end of story. Expect our much more detailed review of the game next week, until then check out the screens and our 10 new movies of the game in action.

-Eric Peters