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Transworld Snowboarding

For those people who couldn't get past the complex and difficult-to-learn control setup in Amped, but wanted something more realistic then SSX, it looks like Infogrames has just the game for you! Developed by Housemarque, the same people who made the great PC snowboarding game Boarder Zone, are working on a new snowboarding game under the Transworld label. From its great level design to its amazing graphics, Transworld Snowboarding is taking the best parts from Boarder Zone, adding tons of new features to the mix and thanks to the power of Xbox, giving it a big face lift in graphics. TWS will offer many huge, real-world levels that are based in locations all around the world such as, USA, Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, and Japan. Treacherous terrain will play a big factor and add to the danger, as well as to the gameplay by letting you grind off of downed trees and rails. There is also natural half-pipes and many other things that you can perform tricks off of. TWS will also be boasting an extensive licensed soundtrack that compliments the lifestyle of the sport. No word yet on if you can rip your own music or not, but that option will most likely find its way into the game. So far TWS will support up to 4 players in multi-player mode, but the chances of LAN or online play making into this version of the game are not very good.


  • 12 snowboarding pros including Tina Basich, Barrett Christy, Andrew Crawford, Kevin Jones, Peter Line, Jussi Oksanen, Todd Richards, Willie Yli-Luoma and more
  • More than 20 locations including USA, Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Japan
  • Incredible lighting, shadows, particle effects, bump mapping and anti-aliasing to create amazing visuals


  • Free-ride, Free-style, Slope Style, Straight jump, Pipe, Boarder X and Career Modes
  • Jib and grind rails, tables, downed trees, snowplows, ice blocks and more
  • Nail your goals, get the top score and open new and secret levels


  • Ride and grind to find the best lines in the level
  • Nail your best tricks and snap, you're on the cover

    Outlook:Transworld Snowboarding already has some of the best graphics yet seen on Xbox and sports an impressive list of features. If the gameplay is anything like that of Boarder Zone then this could easily be the best snowboarding game on Xbox. Anyone who likes snowboarding games at all should keep an eye on this title. Enjoy the many screens and first ever movie of this game in action.

    -Eric Peters


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