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Electronic Arts
EA Sports
Spring 2002

Triple Play 2002

While the baseball season is still a few months away, baseball games on Xbox are starting to heat up. So far there will be no less than 3 baseball games on Xbox this season. Each will have different features and gameplay modes giving gamers lots to pick from. One of the first ones out the gate this season will be EA Sports', Triple Play 2002. Based on last years version on the PS2, 2002 will feature many improvements over it in both graphics as well as gameplay.

Overall, the game doesn't look drastically different from last years version. Upon closer inspection you will find that TP 2002 has made a lot of little improvements that end up making it a more detailed, better looking game. The first thing you will notice in terms of graphics is how much better the player's faces look compared to 2001. Thanks to EA's head scans, the players faces now have a very photo realistic look to them. Right off the bat you will be able to recognize all your favorite players from their face's alone. Adding even more detail to the players will be enhanced facial and body animations, which range from blinking eyes and moving lips to emotions such as fists pumping and high-fiving after big plays. All of the stadiums have been re-modeled and packed with even more detail then in last years game, and the lighting effects have also been improved. One of the complaints in TP 2001 was that the gameplay was to arcadey for most people's tastes, and scores were often a lot higher then they should have been. Luckily, EA has taken note and re-designed the gameplay to give it a more realistic feel, and added more dynamic camera angles to make you feel like your even more part of the game.

Key Features:

  • Photo-realistic 3D head scans of all the players in Major League Baseball, including Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Ichiro Suzuki, Jason Giambi, Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez.

  • Authentic motion captured movements of World Series Champion and Triple Play 2002 spokesman Luis Gonzalez.

  • Authentic batting and pitching styles allowing player likenesses to look just like their real life counterparts.

  • Re-designed gameplay presentation builds drama and tension during critical matchups with more dynamic camera angles and placement.

  • Play-by-play from award winning broadcaster Bob Costas and color commentary from ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst Harold Reynolds.

  • New cinematic out-of-play sequences bring the ballpark experience to life with game introductions, strikeouts and home run animations and inning transitions.

  • Enhanced facial and body animations including eye blinking, lips moving, fists pumping and high-fiving allows players to show more emotion.

  • All 30 MLB stadiums re-modeled in precise detail including animated scoreboards that update real-time as the game progresses.

  • New Home Run Derby. Compete in an eight-player elimination tournament or play in one-on-one competition.

  • Re-designed player highlights and fielding aids allow for easier fielding while fine tuned pitching and throwing controls include one-button throws to the best base. Throwing controls are more responsive with throwing power sensitivity with analog control.

  • Major League Baseball and MLBPA licenses give game players all the teams and players in the major leagues. 2002 team schedules and rosters.

  • 1-2 players.

  • Analog control.

    Outlook: While facing strong competition from both Sega and Acclaim for the best baseball game on Xbox, EA Sports is already off to a great start with Triple Play 2002. Being improved in just about every way possible, Triple Play 2002 will be one to watch closely on Xbox this spring. Keep checking back for some exclusive media and hands on impressions in the coming months. Till then, enjoy the first screen shots of Triple Play 2002 on Xbox.

    -Eric Peters