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September 2002

Turok: Evolution

Turok: Evolution is the prequel of two of the greatest N64 games of all time, and looks to take the FPS genre to new heights, just like the previous titles did. Turok: Evolution's story starts off with our hero, Tal'Set, fighting his nemesis Captain Tobias Bruckner in 1886 Texas. Wile they are fighting, a rift between their world and the Lost Lands opens and Tal'Set is sucked into it. Being injured and near death, he is nursed back to health by natives of the River Village, who are hiding from the Lord Tyrannus and his reptilian hordes. Tal'Set ends up becoming involved in this brutal war that is raging in the Lost Land. Lord Tyrannus is on a "holy mission" to purify the land through slaughter and misery. Tyrannus appoints a new general to head his armies who is none other then Tal'Sets greatest foe, Captain Tobias Bruckner. He was also swept into the Lost Lands through the rift.

Turok already sports some pretty impressive graphics but based on what Acclaim is promising, things will be getting even better. Turok's environments will be the most detailed ever of any turok title ever. Featuring huge worlds that span from lush jungles to suspended cities, you will see such details as trees swaying in the wind and plants moving as dinosaurs brush against them with uncanny realism. The environments are not just a treat for the eyes but play a big part in gameplay too. Each of the environments will have destructible objects which allow you to do things like shooting down trees onto enemies or collapsing rock spires onto dinosaurs to make for a quick death. But don't think taking out the prehistoric life that inhabit Turok's worlds will be a piece of cake. Each of the 32 enemies in the game will have advanced artificial intelligence as well as Ground-breaking S.D.S. (Squad Dynamics System) which will create incredibly realistic squad based AI. This means enemies in the game will be attacking in groups (picture the raptors in JP) and using the environments to their advantage. To help round out the package, Turok will feature a advanced multi-player mode to keep you and your friends busy long after the single player is complete. Not many details have been released on the multi-player aspect yet, but given the fall time frame, online play could be a real possibility.

Key Features:

  • Ground-breaking Squad Dynamics System (S.D.S.) creates incredibly realistic enemy and allied squad AI.

  • Entirely new game engine built to take full advantage of the next-generation hardware platforms.

  • Advanced FPS artificial intelligence.

  • Flight sequences enable players to soar through the skies on a winged Pteranodon.

  • Scripted event sequences that bring the world to life with stunning detail.
  • 32 different types of prehistoric and indigenous life with frightening realism.

  • Destructible objects and environments: shoot down trees onto enemies and collapse massive rock spires onto dinosaurs.

  • Stealth and action based gameplay directed by context-sensitive, mission-based sequences.

  • Fantastic multi-player fun developed by a dedicated team of designers, programmers and artists.

  • Lush, living jungle environments: plants move as dinosaurs brush against them and trees sway in the wind.

    Outlook: Based on the other titles in the series and given the power of the Xbox, Turok: Evolution could easily turn out to be one of the best FPS for the system. Look for more media and hands on impressions in the coming months, until then, enjoy the first batch of screen shots and trailer for the game.

    -Eric Peters