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Bunkasha Publishing

Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions

Looking for a high excitement mission-based driving game for your Xbox? Look no further then Wreckless. Not only one of the best looking Xbox games, but one of the best looking driving games of all time on any platform. Visually, Wreckless is shaping up to blow every other car-based game out of the water. The graphics are so detailed and the worlds have such high polygon counts, you could easily mistake this for a CG cut scene. Hong Kong has been re-created perfectly, complete with tons of pedestrians and realistic traffic you will be amazed at how life like the city is. The particle and lighting effects in the game are godly, casting reflections on everything in the game. Add in real-time car damage, fully destructible environments, and a physics engine that combines realistic physics with easy to control cars all at a rock solid frame rate, you have one of the most impressive looking games ever made.

Key Features:
  • Take down the Yakuza mafia as a cop or spy.
  • Tackle 20 white-knuckle, high-speed driving missions.
  • Drive ten vehicles- from sports cars to a monster truck.
  • Navigate a fully interactive, fully destructible city.
  • Relive the action in stunningly realistic replays.

    Wreckless's gameplay is set to take the missions-based driving game to the next level. In the game there are 2 different storylines you can play. One features a female cop duo going after the Yakuza, and the other has you playing a spy who got caught in the underworld life. Regardless what story you pick, you will find that both have 10 missions with many goals per mission. The game will even over lap storylines from time to time.

    Outlook: Wreckless combines incredible graphics with fast action gameplay that really shows off the powerful Xbox hardware. If you're looking for one of the best driving games ever or just a really fun game, go ahead and reserve your copy of Wreckless right now!

    -Eric Peters