Air Force Delta Storm

Remember the old Nintendo game "Top Gun", that offered lots of dogfighting action at the cost of realism? Enter Air Force Delta Storm, the sequel to Dreamcast's Air Force Delta. Air Force Delta Storm takes Top Gun into 3D, often giving you 60+ missiles to fire, with unlimited ammo for your guns. Like Top Gun, Air Force Delta Storm starts you off in the air, seconds away from a heated battle. And also like Top Gun, the game is completely mission based, with little to no tie ins between the missions. Air Force Delta Storm was designed for one purpose: to give you an adrenaline rush, and it does a fine job of doing so.


Models of the jets in this game are incredible, blowing away the models in Dreamcast's Air Force Delta. The realism is stunning. Missile trails and the HUD look great. The ground and sky is also rendered nicely, except that "cities" may look too sparse to be cities, often having too few polygonal buildings. I feel that Konami could have cranked out a lot more on the ground with XBOX's graphical prowess. Replays are nice looking, but often useless, as the action with the dynamic replay camera usually focuses on the side of your plane, instead of what you are firing at. On the positive side, there are some nice blur effects used in replays to illustrate the jet exhaust of the planes. On a side note, the cinematics and instant replays of the game are interlaced to give a "TV" or low-res like look, which I assume was done to give the replays and cinematics a grittier, more war-like feel, similar to how damaged cameras were used in Saving Private Ryan to give a "war" effect. However, it would be nice if you could turn this option off, but I have not yet found the option to do so.


Air Force Delta Storm supports Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. The sound effects and music are both very good, however the game does not allow you to use your own custom soundtracks. The surround effect in this game is relatively aggressive, making good use of all of your speakers. Overall, a fine effort by Konami in the sound department, but being able to use your own soundtracks instead of the canned synth music included would have made the game even better.


Very easy to get into, lots of fun to play. If you don't mind playing an unrealistic, arcade-like flying game, you will greatly enjoy Air Force Delta Storm. My only gripe with the game is that Konami did not include any multiplayer modes.

Bottom Line:

If you liked Top Gun, After Burner, or other arcade jet combat games, you should give Air Force Delta Storm a whirl. And if you already have and enjoy Air Force Delta for Dreamcast, this game is worthy of a purchase, adding lots of new missions, aircraft, and a souped up graphic/sound engine to boot.

-Pete Calderwood