Blitz Games

Fuzion Frenzy

Want a party game that offers a number of fast paced exciting events without an annoying virtual board game to bog things down, or simply a party game without Pokemon characters? If so, Fuzion Frenzy was made just for you. Pick one of the characters, and get right into the action with a Tournament which has a number of randomly selected events, or the ability to pick a single event.


The models for the characters in this game are Dreamcast quality. However, there are tons of lighting and particle effects that Dreamcast could not handle. Not a show stopper, but many events do provide some nice eye candy.


Fuzion Frenzy supports Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. The sound effects are adequate, however the music and voices can get irritating after a short while. Thankfully, Fuzion Frenzy allows you to use your own custom ripped soundtrack. The surround effect with this game is noticable, but nothing to write home about, which makes sense based on its content.


Microsoft delivers the goods again, with high quality, responsive gameplay. The sheer variety of games will have you and your buddies playing for ages, with games that run the gamut from Tron to Super Sprint to American Gladiators to Dig Dug 2 to Dance Dance Revolution to Marble Madness and beyond. Fuzion Frenzy basically takes the best gameplay elements of many fun games of the past, while creating many new ones, giving you over 45 mini-events that will keep you and your friends playing for hours on end.

Bottom Line:

This is one of the best "party" games I've ever played, as it has so many facets that everyone will find a number of events that they love to play time and time again. If you are looking for an excellent multiplayer game, look no further than Fuzion Frenzy.

-Pete Calderwood