MLB Slugfest 20-03

If you enjoyed NFL Blitz, now you can enjoy Slugfest 2003. The gameplay demonstrates how you can play baseball and get into fights. You don't have to be a big baseball fan to play this game. I must warn you though, like most games, Slugfest 2003 can get very boring very quickly.


There are four modes of play: QuickPlay, Challenge, Season and Tournament. The controls are perfect for this arcade style game. When it comes to the actual gameplay this is a great game. Its fast moving and action packed. When your opponent pisses you off its great to trot down first base and throw a couple blows to the first basemans head and abdomen. Punches can be thrown only at the bases and by both the base runner and the fielder. When a batter gets numerous amounts of hits in a row, similarly to NFL Blitz, he becomes on fire on both sides of the field. Another feature that is cool is when you throw the good ol' beanball. After the 4th batter that is hit, the batter rushes the mound and beats the crap out of the pitcher. The only thing that sucks about it is that you can't see it, you can only hear the rumble. As for the gameplay though, this is a game you zone into.


The graphics are pretty decent, Midway used a little bit more of the Xbox's power this year. The players look real for the most part, and pretty recognizable. Its no Madden 2003, but than again, what is? Like I said its fast moving and the animation is well detailed. This game isn't a game you would buy for graphics, its for fun, action, and intense gameplay. As compared to other sports games, I would consider it a little cartoony, but not bad. When it comes to the fighting, its nothing special. It would be better if you could knock players out of the game. All you can do is exchange a couple fists back and forth. There are some pretty cool catches that the outfielders do between the legs, over the head, and behind the back.

The stadiums are nicely done, they are really sweet looking. I could almost say they are the nicest looking stadium's in a baseball game I have ever seen!


The sound is nothing like a real game. There's no "Peanuts!, Get your Peanuts!" You don't hear anything from the venders. The announcers are geeks. When a game is loading up the two are arguing about a shoe and continue on to ask who is pitching, whereas neither of the two know. The sounds of punching, hitting the baseball, fielding and so on are normal.


For the value of the game, it's great as a rental. Unless your one of those baseball freaks that enjoys violence the game could be a positive to throw in whenever you wanna play it. I don't know about most people, but when I wanna play a baseball game, I wanna play an authentic game.

Bottom Line:

In summary of Slugfest 2003, the overall game is decent. If I were grading it for school I would give it a C. The game is fun, but to a certain extent. There are better games to buy that are well worth their value. As far as buying this game, DON'T. Rent it! Baseball wasn't meant to be a contact game. If you need hard hitting action buy a football, hockey, rugby, boxing, or even soccer game.

-Bobby Bernauer