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MTX: Mototrax

Activision has once again added another game to their list. Whether or not it's quality is a simple question to answer. After playing this game, I found it to be a considerable waste of my time. Although the game isn't horrible in some areas, the only thing that kept me focused on finishing this review was the amount of quality music I had the chance to listen to during gameplay. I'm not saying that this is the worst game in the world (don't go out and buy it right away), because it can be fun when your messing around in the multiplayer mode. Other than that, I think this game was a waste of money to publish. If this game were to go down in history, it might win awards for being the worst game with the best soundtrack.


Being a game throughout play that disinterested me, I'm not going to have very much to say about its graphics. The graphics are ordinary. There is nothing to them. The colors and shapes of the bikes are horrendous. Even the tracks look like my 12-year old cousin was doodling around and came out for the layout of most of the races I participated in. I may be being a little too harsh, but I truly feel that the animation of this game could have been better. Maybe if they would have spent less money on the soundtrack they could have afforded to create a much more pleasing game to the eye. I don't know much about MX racing, and after playing this game I still don't. Usually after playing a solidly made game of something you don't know about, you learn a lot. Well thanks Activision, I learned that If you run into a house while speeding on a bike, you'll fall off of it. Although I have been bashing this game, I do want to note that the steering and the way the biker leans into his turns gives this game a smooth feel and can make it a little fun. Notice the keyword "little" fun. At the end of some races there are fireworks that are shot off into the sky. I say that was a valiant effort to make the game look sharp, but it needs a lot more help than that. A couple of key things I should note is that the bikers don't fall off their bikes as easy as MX Unleashed. I do feel as if I'm really racing when playing the game, but I feel like I'm racing in a cartoon. There is also this one problem I have that annoys me. Everytime I go through the whoops, I pick up so much speed that I pass people on the first lap. But when I'm attempting to pass, I ram into someone and we both fall off. It seems as though it's a glitch because I can't prevent it. In freestyle mode, your basically supposed to focus on building points. The performace of one trick results in points. If the second trick is landed properly and it's not the same as the first, then your points are added up and the multiplier is released. The multiplier is a great source in terms of racking up points. To successfully use the multiplier and to better strategize, you should save your best tricks for last. Also, the longer you hold a trick for when airborne, the more points you will receive for it. And to keep in mind as well for the freestyle mode, there aren't any grinds or manuals.


The gameplay had come off to being fun at times (which is rare), but overall I wasn't feeling it. There are 4 basic categories. They are super cross, motocross, free run, and freestyle. Freestyle is probably the most fun, but then it gets to be the most boring quick. You first start by meeting up with this guy named Travis at the "compound." In freestyle mode you want to be noticed by recruiters because you start off as a rookie and the object is to bring in the loot. I think the game gets a little too extreme in terms that you come up with money, then change your style of dress. It's not like were playing with dolls. Who cares about outfits? All my biker needs is two outfits and a fast bike. So that bothered me as well. Instead of focusing on the dress, focus on the graphics. Being that you can use the dress feature and a few others (receive e-mails, bike info, and statistics), is due to the PDA interface. The free run mode is alright. Certain courses in this mode get boring after awhile, but for the most part it was a good time messing around with the many tricks to select from. Basically in this mode, you ride around collecting points for tricks. You can do jumps off of anything and everything. What I like about this is that you don't have to meet full criteria to pass the level. In this mode there are certain jumps you can find to unlock new moves. There are four simple courses which to me were boring. As dumb as it sounds, you even have the chance to chase down another rider as a mission. The only thing I enjoyed about this mode was the tricks, accidents, and the music. I actually had more accidents in this mode than the others. For some reason I want to say that the gameplay changes in the free run mode. So buckle up because your bound to crash your bike. Back at the freestyle mode, there are a few other features I should add. There are lists full of tricks to be performed for points. There are big gay hoops you need to jump through in a mission which is more of a pain in the ass then fun. There are competitions where you outright get to win races. There are separate circuits offered, the outdoor motocross and the indoor super cross. You have the option of using the clutch during gameplay. I rarely brake! This usually enables me to prolong my lead. When hitting jumps, you can hold down "A" while approaching a ramp and releasing it when ready to get air. However, there is another way to do this. Once again when approaching a ramp, pull back on the left thumb stick and hold. When you come to top of the ramp and are ready to jump for major air, then push the left thumb stick forward.

Replay Value

The replay value of this game is down right horrible. I don't recommend buying this game, but the soundtrack in this game is worth at least $5. If you are offered any more for the game, then forget about it. This game is a game you will not look back on and say you want to play it again. It will collect dust. I'm sure that Activision is losing money on this game too. So if you bought it, then "haha ," I'm laughing at you. If you haven't bought it , then thank God or whomever you believe in because you still have a chance to save your time and money for a game that is more worth it.


The sound section is the only section you will see me being positive towards as opposed to being shameful the entire review. There are lots of bands that Activision needs to thank, because these are the guys that make the game interesting at the most. The music that you can hear in the game is:

Disturbed - Intoxication (awesome)
A.F.I. - The Nephilim
Black Label Society - Doomsday Jesus
The Descendants - Everything Sucks Today
The Distillers - Dismantle Me
Dope - Motivation
Dope - Bitch
Dope - Burn
Dope - So Slow
The Faders - Lonely Punk
Faith No More - Digging the Grave
Fear - No More Nothing
God Forbid - Better Days
Ill Nino - When it Cuts
Ill Nino - Te Amo I Hate You
Ill Nino - Rebirth
Ill Nino - Cleansing
Ill Nino - Two (Vaya Con Dios)
Jet - Take It Or Leave It
Metallica - Motorbreath
The Misfits - 20 Eyes
Pennywise - Now I Know
Prototype - Probe
Slipknot - Don't Get Close
Slipknot - Wait and Bleed
Slipknot - The Heretic Anthem (Instrumental Mix)
Static X - Destroy All
The Stooges - Fun House
Thrice - The Artist In the Ambulance
Vaux - Switched On

Because I gave sound a near perfect score, I had to list all the music for you to understand its value. It's great that they put thought into the music, now let's hope if Activision decides to create another MX game, that next time they will concentrate on graphics and gameplay.

Bottom Line:

Well here is the icing on the cake. My overall assessment is disappointing. The game looked good on the cover. Like I said the game can have its moments of being fun, but it's quite rare. I'd rather go out and play a game of tennis and tennis is an extremely boring sport to me. As I said about the music, it's the only thing that kept me motivated to finish the review. This game is definitely on my top 10 list of games with great soundtracks. It is also on my top 10 list of games "not to buy- they will bore you." If you were thinking of buying this game earlier, then I'm glad you had a chance to read through my review. Don't get the game! I like Activision, but damn! They really disappointed me! Thanks for reading the review and I hope you got a better understanding that crap belongs in toilet. Let it sit there, and keep gaming! There are tons of games out there that deserve to be purchased! One other quick thing I didn't get to go over was the online play. There is no point in playing this game online when there aren't going to be people to play against online. But anyway this game is rated E for Everyone. Everyone that wants to waste money (Haha!) You can play opponents around the world, but before you attempt to, you must have a broadband Internet connection and an Xbox Live account. Hey if this game is for you then I hope you enjoy it, but as for all you normal gamers, stick to my advice. If you want to spend your money on a real good dirt biking game, then go for MX Unleashed. MX Unleashed is hot! In conclusion I give MTX Motortrax an overall 6.6!

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