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Medal of Honor: Frontline

EA Games didn't know they had a franchise in the making when they purchased DreamWorks Interactive in February of 2000. At the time DWI was working on a game that has now become one the most popular games on the shelves: Medal of Honor: Frontline. The storyline is set in France and Germany behind enemy lines as you, Lt. Jimmy Patterson, attempt to aid the Allies in retaking France and stopping the German production of a new, secret, super weapon in 19 levels of somewhat intense gameplay. The game is a FPS action game with the only multiplayer capabilities being up to four people in a deathmatch.


Although the actual combat is very good, the overall experience is lacking. The game kicks off better than any other game in history with the opening D-Day sequence because it keeps you on the edge of your chair as you try to maneuver through the beaches. The level ratings are a roller coaster ride from there: some are too easy, some are too hard, and some are absolutely ridiculous. The AI of NPCs and enemies is incredibly low. The NPCs are inadequate at battle and are no help at all. The German soldiers are extremely easy to kill and don't react quickly enough. The AI is no where close to being real-time but the enemies are still challenging and annoying enough to keep you going back for more. Controls are easy to manage and require little practicing at all. No mid-level checkpoints or saves is extremely disappointing and starting levels over again is not fun at all. My estimation for gameplay is between 8-12 hours.


Xbox games are known for their great graphics (example: Halo) and this game's graphics are no let-me-down. The environments are lush and enjoyable. The cities and campaign trails are historically recreated on a beautiful scale. The character animations and models are excellent and the firing and explosions are very solid. There are only 2 knocks on these graphics: 1- The terrain can be too linear sometimes. 2 - the texture on some objects is really bad. It's not very hard to figure out which door to open based on some of the texturing. In summary, very good job on the graphics.


This game has the some very good audio, and the best ambient sound of any Xbox game. The vocals and cries of characters are second only to the LOTR: Two Towers. Sound picks up and drops off precisely when it's supposed to. The sound fits the game to a tee. No complaints or knocks this time around. The sound for this game is just that damn good.

Replay Value

The only varieties to the game are difficulty settings and whether or not you want to obtain precious metals as rewards for your actions on the field. I found no problem playing different difficulties though it was just a little more challenging and I was able to collect all medals the first time around. Best replay value after beating it is to play deathmatch with someone else or to play it again after a month or so of doing nothing with it.

Bottom Line:

Overall, MOH is a good, solid game for action gamers. It does test your thinking skills and requires you to plan a strategy. It gives you a good amount of hours in gameplay time and is just right based on its quality. Multiplayer deathmatch is a lot of fun to do with friends and family. EA Games did it again with a solid game. Though there are negatives, the positives far outweigh them. Definitely go and buy MOH. It's a great buy for $20 (Platinum Hits). Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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-Pat G.