Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Mortal Kombat is back for the 5th time! While no one would ever have thought the MK series would make it to five games, Midway has done it again. In bringing us another MK game, they managed to make it, bigger, badder, and bloodier. What more could you ask for from a Mortal Kombat game?


The graphics in this game are downright awesome, and much better than the last Mortal Kombat, which was released a couple of years ago on the Dreamcast. The characters are very well animated, and if you look close enough you'll see that as the characters fight, they get scratched, bruised, and yes, they bleed. The levels are very well done, creating the perfect environment for Mortal Kombat. All in all, the developers did a lot of research to capture the best martial arts style in the most realistic way possible. Menus are very well done. The main menu is in a cave/dungeon. For example, when you select a menu option, such as the krypt, the camera takes you underneath the cave to a place with 676 koffins.


The voices in this game are what you would expect, the same old "announcer" that every other MK has had, but a little bit improved. The music is excellent, making you feel like your in the Mortal Kombat world all over again. Everything about the soundtrack is great, and it works incredibly well during the action.


The best part of the game is, well playing it. At first you might be intimidated by the new system of 3 styles per character, 2 fighting styles and 1 weapon. But that all just makes the gameplay a bit more deep then it ever was. The developers included a "Konquest" mode, complete with over 200 missions, so you can learn every single move and combos for each character. This is pretty useful when you want to learn all the combos. It took me about an hour to get used to 1 character. Then you can head on to the arcade mode and show off your skills against the computer. You can also learn all the moves by pressing start and selecting "moves list". When you break it all down, there is moves for each of the 3 styles plus about 3 special moves that can be performed at any time. Thus, displaying 50+ moves for each character. It's a good thing Midway included the moves for each of the 3 fighting styles. There is plenty to learn.

With the addition of the Konquest mode, I find myself playing this game a lot more then I might have. The buttons are very well laid out. The only bad thing is you just got to get used to blocking and the counter attack. This time around you must use strategy, or you will not succeed. Destructable environments are another nice feature added to the gameplay. Ice sculptures and statues will just explode, and that makes the fighting more intense. "Test Your Might" is also back along with "Test Your Sight", nothing unusual, but still fun.

Replay Value

This game has many, many hours of gameplay at its disposition. Only about half the characters are available when you first play. Unlocking them adds to the replay value tremendously. MK:DA contains over 600 unlockables using a "Koins" system where you collect them while playing in the Arcade and Konquest mode. You enter "The Krypt," and from there you can buy unlockables, which include characters, movies, fatalities, and pictures. But the thing that will keep you playing this game is the multiplayer mode, which has been the most fun in all Mortal Kombat games. This one is no exception.

Bottom Line:

Great Graphics and awesome gameplay make this one of the most enjoyable fighters out there. This is a recommended buy if you plan on playing with your friends. If not, you should just rent it because the single player gets old. You may also find yourself tired of collecting coins to buy useless stuff.