Outlaw Golf 2

The hooker spanking, caddy beating, ball hitting, long putting, **** saying, cow exploding game is back, and better than it was before.


Outlaw Golf is not your typical golf game, not mine anyway. The Outlaw's are known for their obscene actions and rude behaviors while playing their professional sports. Outlaw Golf 2 is definitely no exception. Everyone loves caddy abuse, foul language, spanking, and a whole lot of bending over, but that's not why I like this game. I like it for its excellent gameplay AND the spanking. How can you not enjoy a half naked stripper smacking another half naked stripper's ass? I mean, come on! But anyway, it has good gameplay too.

For those of you who don't know squat about golf, I'll summarize how things work. The player whacks a ball 300 yards away trying to make it into a hole no bigger than your shower drain. The fewer strokes you take, the better off you are. Whoever ends up with the lowest score by the end of 18 holes wins. Yes, 18 holes. That's a lot of golfing. But a plus about Outlaw Golf 2 is that they only make you play 9 holes in most challenges. What makes Outlaw Golf 2 different from all the other golfing games out there (besides the obvious) is the neat little composure bar they throw in there. Your composure will either go up if you hit your ball well, or down if you suck at life. The higher your composure is, the better you play and the lower your composure is, the shoddier you play. Outlaw Golf 2 also throws in tokens to enhance the gameplay even more. Tokens can be used two different ways - beating the snot out of your caddy or racing your golf cart around the course. Giving a beat down to your caddy will raise your composure a lot, which is definitely useful when you suck. The golf cart challenges range from running over a certain number of innocent spectators to driving through all the hoops before the time runs out. On completing the golf cart challenge, you gain a perfect shot, which no matter how you hit it, it will go exactly where the preview shot went. Without the perfect shot, the wind, hills, and physics can alter where the ball ends up. And there is nothing that pisses you off more than having your preview shot be a hole in one, but end up slicing your hit and having your ball go flying behind you!

There really isn't anything complicated with the gameplay, just aim and hit. Hypnotix did an outstanding job of keeping the gameplay simple, fun, and challenging all at the same time. Of course, you could make things more complicated with curves and chips and stuff, but who needs those?


The graphics in this game are extremely well done. The textures on the trees, water, rocks, grass, and cows (yes, cows) are nice. The animations flow really well and aren't choppy or robotic. They look very humanistic and fluent. The cut scenes are pleasant, but I only wish they used more. They only used so many, therefore you are constantly seeing the same video clip over and over just with different audio. It started to irk me. But hey, the reason for this game is to play golf, not to see them. There is one thing that disturbed me. Picture a hot Asian woman holding a whip. Nice image right? But wait, there's more…now make her whipping a fat old hairy man dressed up in a bondage outfit. If you need help with that one, well then, you're on your own.


Unfortunately, I had to turn it off. The narrator (Dave Attell) would say all these quick dirty jokes before each hole, after each hit, and everytime you sucked or did well. But the problem was, he didn't have that much to say, he would constantly repeat jokes at least 3 times in 9 holes. At first they were funny…really funny actually. But it got old real quick. If you don't count the narrator as sound, I'd have to say the game sounded good. Everything was included from the grass ruffling when the ball rolled to the spectators screaming when you aim at them (this is a mini-game without it being a mini-game).

Replay Value

There is a lot you can do. Once you beat a challenge with one character, you can build up their stats and play another challenge. Once you beat the game with that character, you can move onto another that has 10 other characters. And once you complete a challenge with a character, you can actually go back to your previous character and build them up even more! This definitely isn't a game you should spend hours on end playing. I like it more for it's quick 20 minute courses, and once I beat one, I can just come back the next time I have 20 minutes to kill and advance a little farther in the game. Also, this game includes Xbox Live and 2-player multiplayer to enhance the replay value. There are plenty of game modes and mini-games to keep you playing.

Bottom Line:

Outlaw Golf 2 is a great game. I loved it. But I'm one of those guys that can just sit on the couch in front of the TV and watch golf for hours at a time. Why I enjoy it, I have no idea, but I recommend this game to anyone who has an extra $20 lying around. It's a great game that you don't have to spend forever to get into. You can enjoy quick 20-minute highs day after day. Go get it…and don't forget to look for the fat man.

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-Jon Perry