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Back in the summer of 2001, the movie Shrek was released in theaters. Shrek wasn't just any ordinary fairytale, it had its very own little twist to it. The high quality computer graphics and wonderful Surround Sound complemented this movie in every way. Well, if you were surprised with the movie effects, you'll be pretty surprised at what the game has to offer.


One word: Awesome. The graphics in Shrek are simply remarkable compared to the movie and other Xbox games out already. The game offers a high polygon count per character, increasing the texture detail to be so precise that there are even shadows from the eyebrows on Shrek's face. It does this by taking advantage of the GeForce3's bump-mapping and dynamic lighting effects engine. As for the particle effects, they are not too shabby either. This game makes you feel like you are watching the movie.


Like all Xbox games, Shrek does support Dolby Surround 5.1. The in-game action doesn't have much to offer in the sound department, but during the cutscenes and storytelling scenes, it really sounds nice blasting from all 5 speakers.


Shrek is pretty easy to learn. 5 minutes into the game, I was up and running around, doing every move and learning every button without even reading the manual. Shrek seems to be aimed toward the younger generation and not the ages 14 and up group. The reason being is because of the storybook atmosphere the game provides. I'm not saying a 22 year old can't play Shrek, but I believe that a younger child will enjoy it more because of its childlike features. When you first start off in the game, you are greeted by the magic mirror who tells you the story of the first adventure. Mainly you travel through storybook land to accomplish 36 missions, each including a classic storybook character. The first level is Shrek's swamp. You run through getting used to the simple controls until the mirror brings you through training where you learn how to fight, jump and light your farts on fire (mom is gonna love this one). Afterwards, you are sent on your first 6 missions to accomplish before you can progress though the game.

Bottom Line:

Shrek is a wonderful game and I recommend it to those who really enjoyed the movie. And to all those intense action fans out there who look for aliens to shoot, this game isn't for you. This game is fun, don't get me wrong, but if you yourself are in the younger generation or have children under the age or 14, this may be the game for you to play along with them or even play for yourself.

-Brian Dappolone



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