Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Sam Fisher is back and he's ready to serve you breakfast in bed! The next Splinter Cell is here. Get ready for pankcakes, sausage, and orange juice! Mmm deeeeelicious!


The graphics are spec-flippin-tacular. Since I'm also a graphic artist, I really come down on games when they cut corners graphically. Every pixel is solid in this game. The cut scenes are supremely better than the original Splinter Cell. That is the first thing I noticed. They look just as good, if not better, than the cut scenes in the newer Final Fantasy games. The overall environments look so much more realistic, and show great improvement over the original SC.


On the whole, single player Pandora Tomorrow has not changed much from the original game, and that is a very good thing. Actual gameplay graphics are smooth and extremely detailed. Unlike the PC version, there's no lag at all! The controls in this version of Splinter Cell are pretty close to the original. Since I was coming from a PC platform, I had to get used to having different buttons for weapons/crouch/jump. I must say, the buttons are placed perfectly. For that reason, the game controls are intuitive and fairly easy to pick up on. A definite highlight would be firing automatic weapons within the game. The rumble mechanism keeps up with the body-ventilating pace of the on-screen weapon, which is very awesome.

A new move called the swat roll is pretty neat. You can quickly move between walls without being spotted. I just wish Sam had more moves like this, maybe even some breakdancing techniques. Although a decent replacement for breakdancing is the ability to open doors while carrying corpses! Fantastic! Now I can carry my trophies AND open up doors without putting the body down first.

The ability to play SC: Pandora Tomorrow over Xbox Live is a dream come true. It's Mercenaries versus the Spies, and the equally balanced gameplay is dead on. The 2 vs 2 addictive gameplay has three modes of play, and the action can get pretty intense. The spies play in 3rd person, while the mercenaries play in 1st person. This is one of the best Xbox Live games that I have ever played.


The soundtrack designed for the game is motion picture quality. You would expect to hear it in James Bond film. The score has many layers to it and perfectly conveys the political tone of the game. Everything from a scoped sniper shot to the sound of footsteps is smartly designed.

Replay Value

Fortunately, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow has definite replay value because of its Xbox Live feature. Once you complete the story mode, the game can live forever online. This significantly reduces getting bored with the game. I always love an online feature in a game, since I beat story modes quickly.

Bottom Line:

Ubisoft is an amazing company and I love just about everything they put out. They could make Virtual Hydlide (horrible Sega Saturn game) into a great game. Yes, they are that good at what they do! I highly recommend playing Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. The 17 levels are plenty to keep you busy, and the online mode offers even more replay value. Well? What are you waiting for? Steal your parentsí car and drive to the mall immediately to buy the game!

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-Chris Sztybel