The Guy Game

From flat to melons, this game has it all covered…er…uncovered. Living up to its title, "The Guy Game" is a game of boobs with a little trivia and some mini-games on the side. You don't get this game for the challenging and educational questions, you get it for the movie flashes and the half naked models. Surprisingly, as a party game, this game is quite fun. Just make sure you keep your hands on your controller and play along…just like everyone else.


There are a few different ways you can play. The different game modes consist of single player, multiplayer, and just plain ol' mini-games. Single player mode is where I'd frown upon. Mainly, because it's sort of the same thing over and over. One girl shows her boobs, another girl shows her boobs, and yet another girl shows her boobs. Even though it's a good opportunity to learn things (Do you know how many calories are in semen? Didn't think so.) and…ahem…learn more things. There just isn't enough to keep you interested for long periods of time. Seeing boobs, though exciting, does eventually lose its luster, then you start wondering about degrading women and how this doesn't really seem ethical. In order to…ahem…get a full review I, of course, needed to play all the way through on the single player. Not only did this take F-O-R-E-V-E-R, but I really started to hate this game by the end of it.

Basically, how it works is that you are asked a question and you guess out of the options that they give you. Then they switch to a movie of a girl (or two girls) being asked the same question. Before they answer you are given an opportunity to guess their answer. Depending how far you are in the episode, you are given simple choices like "she's right" and "she's wrong," or they list two of her possible answers (kind of like the TV show Street Smarts). If you guess it right you gain bonus points. Bonus points are used on the Flash-o-Meter. The Flash-o-Meter is a meter that will basically show you how close you are to seeing some boobage. The more bonus points you get, the faster the meter fills and the faster the meter breaks, and bye-bye censors, giving you full access to replay the episode without the annoying censor block or blur.

Even though I wasn't a huge fan of the single player, the multiplayer is extremely fun. I believe that this was the soul purpose of making this game. Depending on your points, you are given a rank, ranging from President to Asshole. The cool part about the ranks is that the president gets to do special moves against the other players, including Fatboy (replaces your sexy model with a fat man), Slap (virtually slaps an opponent), and Taunt (female narrator makes fun of opponent). Not only can you do things to your opponents, but you can also have your model's full body appear instead of just the torso. The president isn't the only person that can do stuff, as everyone else can too. If you're the asshole you can create a fart to distract everyone. You can also add "house rules" which are different rule sets that may not allow anyone to talk or say "I, Me, or You." These all make multiplayer what it is, if you don't use them, it's just like playing single player, or watching porn with a couple buddies.


Graphic wise, they serve their purpose. Each "flash" is a movie. Great detail…and…boobage. The graphics for the interface are very smooth and attractive. But other than those, the graphics don't really play a big part in this game.


Just like a TV Game Show! That's right, the sound is what you'd expect from a TV show. It's clear and understandable. You probably won't be buying this game to listen to the cool music playing in the background though. There are no custom tracks, and there really isn't too many songs. The commentary can be quite funny at times, and yet annoying at the same time. It tends to repeat itself about twice for every episode. When you play three episodes straight, it begins to annoy you.

Replay Value

Once you've seen one woman's boobs, you'll want to see more! It's just the nature of males. Even though you aren't inclined to answer the questions correctly, you are inclined to get more boobs. Once you beat an episode, you can do it again without the sensors. You can do this as many times as you want. As long as you still like the temporary revealing of the female's mammary glands, you can keep on going. Just remember, too much too soon isn't good for your health. You can severely hurt yourself…seriously.

Bottom Line:

The Guy Game is a great game, as long as you're a guy, and you're not gay. This should be called, "The Non-Gay Guy Game." It would be more correct. There is something about seeing as many boobs as you want, for less than the price of a porno that catches most guys and hooks them. It was a fun game, and I loved it. I wouldn't recommend it to your grandma, but it is worth the $5 or so to rent it for a week. So go check it out.

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-Jon Perry