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Tony Hawk's Pro
Skater 2x

Tony Hawk 2x. The first thing that comes to mind is "What is it, Tony Hawk 2 with extra features?" Well before I say anything else, let me explain what exactly Tony Hawk 2x is. When I first heard the name I figured it was Tony Hawk 2 for Xbox with some added extra features. Well I was half right. Tony Hawk 2x is Tony Hawk 1, Tony Hawk 2, plus five brand new levels. You could almost call it a Directors Cut.


Okay, so you have Tony Hawk 2x on Xbox. You expect amazing, awesome new graphics never seen before. That's exactly what you get. Better looking textures then the PC and Dreamcast version. Visually, everything looks real. In THPS2x you have more detailed skaters, enhanced textures, and a lot of other things that have been upgraded. The new levels are great additions, but Treyarch may have not spent a lot of time on them, as many of them seem a bit small and rushed then levels developed from the ground up just for XBox.

One little flaw that I noticed was sometimes the textures (like the grass) go from low to high quality as you get closer and closer. This is because some of the textures have a short draw distance which causes them to blur in the detail. What it comes down to is that it does in fact really show off what the Xbox is capable of. Overall the game is well polished.

This time around they decided to add a new feature when your characters special meter is all the way up. This new motion blur effect displays the extra speed your character acquires as a reward for doing many tricks.


Highly addictive gameplay here, and very high replay value as well. The game starts you off with the original Tony Hawk 2. After you beat Tony Hawk 2, new levels are unlocked. Then after you beat Tony Hawk 1, the rest of the new levels are opened and unlocked. With that said, you cannot just turn on the game and play the new levels. Well that kind of hurts, being that nearly every Tony Hawk fan has played through Tony Hawk 1 & 2.

Running at 60fps, the gameplay is very smooth. The skaters look almost picture perfect. You will be amazed at the detail. The shadows are more realistic, thanks to the lighting effects.

The multiplayer department of Tony Hawk 2x is pretty much complete. Four players on one Xbox can play in Tony Hawk 2x at the same time. You can also hook up two Xbox's and play 8 players at once. Pretty cool. Just imagine how competitive the trick attack sessions could be? That really gets me pumped up to have a Tony Hawk at a party with 8 people playing me at once.

If your used to playing THPS with the Dreamcast controller, then you have the beauty of "plug and play". You will acquire a feel for the game right away.

For the most part, all of the same options are intact. Some are the main career mode, create a skater, single session and free skate mode. This time you can create female skaters. Well it's about time. I'm not a female, but when playing a female in a game like this, the female will have her chance of making herself.


The sound is straight from Tony Hawk 2. Some of the bands that are featured in this game are Rage Against the Machine, Bad Religion, Anthrax, and Naughty by Nature. But if you hate all these, you can make your own.

Right away you can tell that some of the voice samples have been redone and are higher quality. Very clear sound effects.

Bottom Line:

If you haven't played both of these games, now is your chance to catch up on the entire Tony Hawk compilation. Just knowing that Tony Hawk 3 is out already, would make the game feel dated, but don't be fooled by the name.

I think they should have called the game Tony Hawk X. Because Tony Hawk 2x doesn't make any sense since it has Tony hawk 1 and 2 in it. If it was called Tony Hawk X it would just sound like a different game other then part 2. And if didn't have "2x" it wouldn't make you even think about THPS 3. So don't get confused by the name. It's not just a remake of part 2, and is definitely worth picking up.

If you played Tony Hawk 2 on Dreamcast, your probably thinking, is it worth it? In a way it is worth it, but if you can hold off till THPS 3, then you really don't need to get this game, but if you love the Tony Hawk series, then definitely get this one. I don't know why they didn't just wait to bring Tony Hawk 3 out for it, but I guess they wanted to give Xbox gamers something to play exclusively.

-Steve Melanson